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Author Topic: Help - Trying to use tagged port with Asymmetrical VLAN  (Read 2777 times)


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Help - Trying to use tagged port with Asymmetrical VLAN
« on: July 20, 2015, 02:42:44 PM »

Yet another request for VLAN config help;  I'm a novice when it comes to networking.
I am attempting to establish a "simple"  VLAN setup using a tagged port for a LAN aware AP.
The AP is capable of establishing different SSID with different tagged VID #.
I was expecting to use it to establish a separate guest wifi access.
All my other ports are untagged and connected to non-LAN aware equipment using an asymmetrical VLAN config.

AP conenected to Port 1.   
Router with internet access is connected to Port 16. 
Router is the DNS server but does not have LAN aware ports (perhaps this is the issue?) 
While I previoulsy was able to successfully established an asymmetrical VLAN using all untagged ports,
I have been unable to get wireless connctions working through the single AP configured using port 1 as a tagged port.

AP Setup
SSID 1:   OfficeNet    VID 2
SSID 2:   GuestNet     VID 3

1210-16 VLAN Setup:
Asymmetrical VLAN enabled

VID 1:  DefaultShared          Ports 1- 16 (All ports)  untagged
VID 2:  OfficeNET1              Port 1:  Tagged ( for AP)     Ports 2-12, and 16: Untagged
VID 3:  GuestNet                 Port 1:  Tagged (for AP)      Port 16 Untagged   Ports 2-15: Not members
VID 4:   OfficeNet2              Ports 1-12: Not members    Ports 13-16 untagged  (no wireless access to OfficeNet2)

Port 1 and Port 16: PVID = 1
Ports 2-12:  PVID = 2
Ports 13-15:  PVID 4

The AP broadcasts the two SSID, but I connot successfully connect and get an IP address assigned for either SSID whenever I attmpt to make a connection.
I've searched the web and tried several different config variations to no avail.
Wondering if this setup mandates a router with L2 switching ability to make this work?
Otherwise, what am I doing wrong?