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Author Topic: DGS-Dlink 1210-24 switch VLAN trouble  (Read 3426 times)


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DGS-Dlink 1210-24 switch VLAN trouble
« on: August 08, 2015, 02:42:55 AM »

Hi everyone

I have a bit trouble. I have a D-Link DGS-1210-24 managed switch. I would like to ask about the VLANs. My plan is to create 4 VLAN groups:
-   VLAN1: port 1-4
-   VLAN2: port 5-8
-   VLAN3: port 9-12
-   VLAN4: port 16 - 21
-   Port 22: printer
-   Port 23: NAS
-   Port 24: Uplink to the router
In the VLAN1 the devices should communicate with each other groups, also with the NAS, and the printer. This group also need an internet access.
Devices in VLAN2 and VLAN3 should not reach the VLAN1, but they should reach the internet and the printer.
VLAN3 should not reach VLAN2, but it needs internet access.
In the VLAN4 there are cameras. The records are stored on the NAS, so this should be reached by the VLAN1.
My question is: How to configure the switch for these?

I have some more questions, I hope, you can help me.
- Could you tell me, what happens, If I connect to the network through a wireless connection? Is there any other group for the wireless connections? Or how can I set that?
- There are 3 options under the „802.1Q VLAN PVID Settings”: tagged, untagged, not member. I’ve tried a lot of way, googled for that how to set them correctly, but without success. Could you help me, how to do that?

Here is an image about the infrastructure.