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Author Topic: DGS-1210-48 Small Office VLAN for VoIP Phones  (Read 29908 times)


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DGS-1210-48 Small Office VLAN for VoIP Phones
« on: April 16, 2013, 03:33:36 PM »

I have what I would think would be a very common situation.  I have a small office with about 25 users (desktops/laptops) and 15 VoIP Phones.  I have a broadband Internet connection with a router that acts as the DHCP server for the network and gateway to the Internet.  I have a DGS-1210-48 D-Link managed switch and all I am trying to do is 1) segregate the VoIP traffic from the data and 2) Prioritize the VoIP traffic across the network.  I have a possible configuration below.  I need to confirm that this will work i.e. both VoIP Phones and computers will be able to access router to get to Internet yet be on different VLANS (broadcast domains) so that chatter is kept to a minimum especially for the VoIP phones.

Suggested Configuration
VID 1 - Default
   UNTAGGED Port 2
   TAGGED Port 1
   NOT MEMBER Ports 3 - 48
VID 2 Data
   UNTAGGED Ports 3 - 30
   TAGGED Port 1
   NOT MEMBER Ports 2, 31 48
VID 3 Voice
   UNTAGGED Ports 31 - 48
   TAGGED Port 1
   NOT MEMBER Ports 2, 3 30

I have been told that having a "management VLAN" is important but I do not see why.  Couldn't I just have the default VLAN and a voice VLAN???  I am also setting up the Voice VLAN as follows:
Voice VLAN Settings  (configuration > Voice VLAN > Voice VLAN Settings)
   VLAN ID = 3
   Priority = High
   Port 31-48 ENABLE Auto Detection

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you. =)
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