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Author Topic: DES-3010PA DB-9 Console Port  (Read 16898 times)


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DES-3010PA DB-9 Console Port
« on: May 16, 2013, 05:09:10 PM »

I have recently needed a console cable for the DES-3010PA POE LAN switch.  Since I did not have one on hand I decided to make one with some DB-9 to RJ-45 Adapters.   Below is the pinout configuration I came up with.

Note: the PC DB-9 connection is and EIA 568 adapter color code layout.  This color coding is the same as used in a Sun serial console adapter when looking at the PC side.

PC DB-9 (DTE) Pin   Signal Name   Direction   Description   DB-9 Female Adapter Wire Color      DB-9 Male Adapter Wire Color   D-Link DES-3010PA DB-9 (DCE) Pin   
1CD   <--   Carrier Detect      Blue      Blue      1      
2RXD   <--   Receive Data      Orange      Orange      2      
3TXD   -->   Transmit Data      Black      Black      3      
4DTR   -->   Data Terminal Ready   Red      Red      4      
5GND   ---   Common Ground      Green      Green      5      
6DSR   <--   Data Set Ready      Yellow      Yellow      6      
7RTS   -->   Request to Send   Brown      Brown      7      
8CTS   <--   Clear to Send      White/Gray   White/Gray   8      
9RI   <--   Ring Indicator      Unused      Unused      9      

Please note in the table above the only mandatory serial port connections are Receive (Pin 2), Transmit (Pin 3), and Ground (Pin 5). The others may be used but are not required for a simple connection to a PC serial port.

If extending the serial port using LAN cabling the assumed wiring scheme is 568B.  So long as all pairs are use a consistent scheme at both ends the type of wiring scheme should not matter.

The default console serial port parameters are:
Speed: 9600
Data Bits: 8
Stop Bits:1
Parity: None
Flow Control: None / Software

An management IP address MUST be configured  by the admin in the  DES-3010PA for remote management via LAN. since none is configured by default

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