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Author Topic: Format to RIP DVD collection for 5.1 audio from MCE mode  (Read 8514 times)


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Format to RIP DVD collection for 5.1 audio from MCE mode
« on: October 20, 2011, 06:12:30 PM »

To anyone that can help:

  I have read literally hundreds of messages on this, and yet to have seen a working answer to resolve the issue.

  I have over 300 DVDs that I am looking to get some 100 of them onto the Windows 7 machine, then eventually my WHS2003 box. 

  I have successfully gotten my DSM-750 to use the MY MEDIA option to play DVDs that I have ripped from my personal collection as both VIDEO_TS/AUDIO_TS folders to a folder with the name of the movie on my Windows 7 Ultimate machine.  I am basically using this as a media server (2) 1TB HDDs installed.   

  I have also ripped them as .AVI files and .MP4 files and have even given .MKV a whirl.    I am wanting to use the MCE mode of the DSM-750, not the MY MEDIA (file sharing mode) of the extender, to view my movies.  I have extensively worked get the METADATA for each movie in the folders with the folder.jpg files etc so that the MC on the Windows 7 shows me all the movies in the movies area etc. 

   ??? I would like to have the same for the MCE (DSM-750).   I know the MCE is not going to play the VIDEO_TS folders, they do not even show.  If I place the .AVI, .MP4 or .MKV files in the same folder with the other folders - they also do not show.   I have to look under VIDEOS - not a problem. 

  I can get them to play, but I am getting 2-CH stereo for all of them and looking at the properties, they all show the bitrate and that there are 6 channels (how Windows 7 shows the 5.1 audio).  :(

  I have my DSM-750 attached to my SONY 7.1 capable receiver with a coax DSP connection and still the receiver shows that the audio is PCM (2CH).  Does the same with the Optical connection.

  If I go through the MY MEDIA option (file sharing) I can get the same file to play with the 5.1 audio. 

  I have tried many different ripping programs (going broke buying them) to get this to work.  What format should I be using to get these to work properly under the MCE interface, and not have to use 4-8gb of HDD space to do this? 

   I am planning to get another DSM-750 (since DLINK is not longer making MCE's) so that I have one media server in my computer room and watch TV in the bedroom or the family room, and I want this work with the MCE interface..... NOT THE MY MEDIA INTERFACE.   >:(

  What ripping method (without having to do 3-4 rips that I have seen) to get a SINGLE file with the correct container (.AVI, .MP4, .MKV, .M4V, etc) to get this working.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.