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Author Topic: Spanning Tree Protocol between the 1228 and 3100  (Read 3138 times)


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Spanning Tree Protocol between the 1228 and 3100
« on: June 24, 2010, 11:46:13 PM »

Hi All,
I will soon be purchasing a managed 24 port switch which I want to uplink to two DGS3100 which are interconnected to each other. This will definitely form a loop in the network.

The 3100 supports STP (.1d) and Rapid STP(.1w).

I was evaluating the DES1228 but it supports only .1d for breaking loops.

I was wondering if
Will I face any issues between the 1228 and 3100 with the STP?
Is there any advantage of using .1w over .1d?
Is there a better switch model  that I should consider - apart from the smart switch series?

I dont really require PoE or any thing special like that



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Re: Spanning Tree Protocol between the 1228 and 3100
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2010, 08:28:56 AM »

IEEE 802.1D (STP) and IEEE 802.1w (RSTP) both live up to their names, the only (externally visible) difference is that RSTP converges faster.  While IEEE802.1w is backwards compatible with IEEE802.1D I would not create a mixed environment as you are going to lose your faster convergence anyhow.

Average convergence time for IEEE802.1D is 30 to 50 seconds and for IEEE802.1w it is 6 seconds.  There are settings that can be used to change these times to some degree.

Both of these are standards, any device that supports them will work with any other device that supports them.

I can't suggest a model, but if you give our pre sales team a holler they can find the right product for you.
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