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Title: DGS-1100-16: VLAN + Link Aggregation 802.3ad
Post by: cmonty14 on April 04, 2021, 04:39:17 AM
according to specs this switch is supporting link aggregation 802.3ad.

However, I don't know how to configure the switch correctly.

I started first with VLAN configuration of ports 15 + 16:
L2 Features > VLAN > VLAN Interface
Both ports are now identical:
Code: [Select]
Port eth15
VLAN Mode Hybrid
Native VLAN 1
Hybrid Untagged VLAN 1,
Hybrid Tagged VLAN 10, 100,
Ingress Checking Enabled
Acceptable Frame Type Admit All

pic01 (https://ibb.co/7jgN12T)
pic02 (https://ibb.co/LNw8W7v)

Then I created a channel group with
- From Port: eth15
- To Port: eth16
- Group ID: 2
- Mode: On

pic03 (https://ibb.co/N3gZgGj)

Can you please advise if this configuration is correct?