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Title: Fast User Switching and WlanGINA
Post by: csalas on August 27, 2009, 11:21:17 AM
It's been a year since this issue was identified and it still isn't fixed. Not an impressive track record for D-Link.

This was one of several issues I had with the install, and if I did not have extensive experience with wireless supplicants this adapter would have been returned.

I called tech support regarding Fast User Switching being disabled as related to WlanGINA, and was quickly passed on to advanced support. They had no clue about this issue, blamed it on an unknown Windows update, and asked me to reload the OS!!!

Uninstalling the drivers and a roll back is all it took. Current/working Driver - Atheros

Happy with the hardware. Not happy with the driver/software install or tech support

Ticket #ALR400485489