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Title: Stop DSR-250 VLAN's from accessing ISP cable modem GUI
Post by: oldsports on March 30, 2020, 03:41:07 AM
I have a DSR-250 (H/W A1, F/W 2.11_WW) that is connected to my ISP's cable modem (Arris DG1670) via the WAN port.  I have created several VLAN's on the DSR-250 to separate traffic between various user groups and it works fine.  By accident, I figured out that devices attached to the VLAN's can access the cable modem's GUI by typing in the modem's local IP address in their browser.  I assumed that devices could only access local IP addresses in their VLAN network; I did not know that they could also access the local IP address of the cable modem.  I don't want the VLAN users to have access to the cable modem's GUI where they could make unauthorized changes.

Is there a way to isolate the cable modem's GUI access from the VLAN's?  Thanks!