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Title: Max node D-Link Network.
Post by: Evilbones76 on July 18, 2014, 01:33:28 AM
Hello.  We have a fairly large wireless network currently consisting of 3x DWC 1000 Wireless Controllers and 36 DWL-3600APs. 

At present, the wireless network is mediocre at best.  I have to reboot each wireless controller and reboot each AP daily, otherwise clients just will not connect. Or they will connect, briefly, then disconnect.  Mostly they receive an APIPA addresses (the WC's are not providing DHCP, our main DC does this), or lose their DHCP address. 

This is a cause of frustration to myself and the students.   If I reboot, then student can connect.   I  can be standing right next to a DWL-3600 with an IPAD, for example, and not be able to connect to the Wireless network.  I see the SSID perfectly fine.   I got ZERO help from customer services, in fact, they didn't even read my support ticked correctly.

Anyway, I have been told to upgrade our wireless network to encompass the entire campus.  We have purchased another DWC-1000, another licence pack and 14 more APs.   

I am however slightly concerned.   Is it OK to have this many WC's and AP's on one network, on one subnet range.   Customer services told me they recommend a DWC-only have 6 or 7 AP's maximum. 

Thanks for your assistance.
Title: Re: Max node D-Link Network.
Post by: FurryNutz on July 18, 2014, 06:53:42 AM
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Title: Re: Max node D-Link Network.
Post by: Rara Avis on July 18, 2014, 09:34:53 AM
A single DWC-1000 can handle up to 24 APs (fully licensed), the idea that it would only handle 6 or 7 is way off course.

Why do you have so many DWC-1000s?  It seems like purchasing licenses would have been a better economy.

There is no issue with several DWCs on the same network, in fact they support peering up to four of them together (which would bring the total possible AP count to 96), so I would say you are still well in the clear.

That said, unless we get your network under control, adding more DWCs and APs isn't going to make you experience any better.  You should never need to reboot network equipment.  You really need to get in touch with technical support, I understand you have had a bad experience, but suffering in silence isn't going to help your network.  Call the business class support line and get them to understand your difficulties.