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Title: Disable Firmware Auto Update on Phased Out products
Post by: FurryNutz on October 03, 2013, 09:04:21 AM
To those still using the DGL-4100, DGL-4300 and other phased out routers, it would be advised that you disable the Auto Update feature on these routers. These routers have been phased out and no longer in development or supported and I presume that the FW update servers have been probably disabled for these and other model routers now that they are no longer marketed even though they are still in operation and working. So this may be the reason why the Auto Update feature is causing problems. So disable this and the router should continue to work well after that.

To "fix" this:

1) Disconnect from the Internet by unplugging the WAN cable that is connected to the ISP modem and power OFF and ON the router.
2) Log in an immediately turn off automatic checking of firmware under Tools/Firmware/FW Upgrade Notification Options.
Example:http://support.dlink.com/emulators/dgl4100/17/Tools_Firmware.html (http://support.dlink.com/emulators/dgl4100/17/Tools_Firmware.html)
3) Save settings and reboot.
4) While the router reboots, reconnect the WAN cable from the ISP modem to the WAN port.
5) Internet access and routers web page should be restored to normal use and function.

If these steps do not work, a factory reset may be needed at step 1.