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Title: Cisco SRP527W and DGS 1210 wireless&Wired and Vlan problem
Post by: hulu119 on March 06, 2013, 09:23:07 PM
Hello everyone:

I am new to this forum, I would like to ask two questions:


in our small office, we are using Cisco SRP527W (Router/ADSL Modem all in one ) and D-Link DGS-1210-16 (ports) as our main network devices, our 3 desktops (Windows XP), Avaya phone system and one Brother MFC 6490CW are wired connected to our D-Link switch, port1 of the switch is connected to lan port 1 of our Cisco router, we also have 3 wireless devices connected to the cisco router throught wireless signal (one Broher MFC J6910DW printer, one laptop with Win7, one all-in-one desktop with Win8), as we know, both Switch and Router support Vlan feature, but at the present, I just use default Vlan (Vlan 1) for all our data traffic, I created a DHCP Pool in Cisco router to provide IP address to all our devices (DHCP Pool: -, Default gateway is,  
All wired or wireless devices can get right IP address,and all of them are able to get on to the internet, the problem is wireless and wired devices can not talk to each other, for example, my laptop is using wireless connection, when I try to ping a desktop which is wired connected to switch, there is no response, however, if I cable connect my laptop to switch, I am able to talk to the desktop and use its shared resource.

could anyone give me some clue about solving this problem??


as we know, Cisco SRP 527W provide two default Vlan, one for data, one for voice, I am willing to use voice vlan for our Avaya phone system, because I use Lan Port 1 of 527W to connect port 1 of the DLink switch, so I assigned "Lan Port 1" to both Vlan, I am thinking if I do this, port 1 will be the Trunk, also on Dlink switch, I tag port 1 for both Vlan 1 and Vlan 100 (Voice Vlan), untag port 2 for Avaya phone system which is in Vlan 100, untag other ports (port 3 to eight) for Vlan 1, so I am thinking Port 1 on switch then become a Trunk, however, after all the configuration done, all wired devices cannot access to the SRP 527W router.

I am wondering Is there any thing wrong with aboved configuration I made?