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Title: Which forum for DWL-2100ap queries
Post by: HarryPutnam on May 31, 2011, 02:59:45 PM
Setup: Using DWL-2100AP as wap on home lan currently but hoping to activate the dhcp server.

Sorry to butt in here where my questions probably do not belong.

I spent a good 1/2 hr trying to figure out where a question regarding a DWL-2100AP should be posted but I'll confess that the boards and index are seriously confusing.

Please can anyone direct me to the proper forum for these somewhat detailed questions.

I will also include the questions in case someone here in this group knows the answers.

-------       -------       -----------       -------       -------
-------       -------       -----------       -------       -------
When turning on DHCP server, in the following dialog there are a few items to file in:

Ip assigned from:

The Range of Pool (1-255):

Are two that I have not been able to successfully fill out and be allowed to continue.

I've put many different numbers and pairs of numbers in those slots but it has yet to be the right number or numbers.  I'm apparently just completely missing what is expected there... and would really like to see a couple of examples from someones config who know what to put in there.

Those two items are supposedly explained in the help file, but it has not helped me to figure out what needs to go in there.