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Title: DWA-520 D-Link official advice to downgrade to SP2
Post by: Sumdumphuc on October 24, 2008, 11:00:51 PM
Yes this thread is in the wrong model number sub-forum. Thats because there was no sub-forum for the DWA-520 and you can not create threads in the help section on the bottom of the forums, so I have started this thread at the closest model number available and will wait to see where it gets moved to.

Just bought a DWA-520 got it home set it up and nope it don't work.
says I'm not connected but at the same time has a button to disconnect ???
Rang D-link since they have a good help service and Mark from D-link Singapore Tells me that this model does not have drivers for XP SP3 and I should Downgrade to SP2 (Big Sticker on box say Designed for XP and Certified for Vista).
After laughing at him, I asked him which products in the store that I buy from have drivers for SP3. After going through many D-Link wireless products, there was not one of them that has drivers for SP3  ???

So 60-70% of the world use XP 90% of those have SP3 and D-Link have not made drivers for XP SP3  ???

(Ok maybe not quite 60%-70% but you get the idea)

Mark also was having problems connecting to his network as he spoke to me, I told him he may need to upgrade his drivers to support SP3 as well, or tell D-link's management to downgrade there entire fleet on pc's to SP2....

So will D-Link be making drivers for this product or will I have to take it back? as I will not take the official advice and downgrade to SP2