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Title: DAP-2555
Post by: Daybreak on December 02, 2010, 06:35:52 PM

New product DAP-2555 needs to have a folder.

What will the yearly cost be for cloudcommand access?  What happens if you let that expire? Do the ap's still function? or do you just loose the functionality of using the cloudcommand to access the units and make changes? Otherwords, you can still use the unit, but changes would just need to be in person to IP of unit? Is it a true dual band N concurrent 2.4 + 5 access point?
ftp://ftp10.dlink.com/pdfs/products/DAP-2555/DAP-2555_ds.pdf (http://ftp://ftp10.dlink.com/pdfs/products/DAP-2555/DAP-2555_ds.pdf)

Title: Re: DAP-2555 folder
Post by: GregQ on December 16, 2010, 08:31:44 AM
Hi There,

The DAP-2555 service charge costs $99 per year per access point.
The current version is cloud-managed only. A simple firmware update (ETA is January) will allow for full local management. The update is very simple to install, directly from the cloud-based UI requiring no download or on-site work. The DAP-2555 is an 802.11n dual-band (2.4 Ghz-5.0 Ghz) PoE access point.