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Title: dir-412 and woes and firmware
Post by: madcatz on October 21, 2010, 02:22:01 AM
ok, first of all, this is a nice gadget, almost perfect, now the reason i bought this is because of its "share the internet 3g over wifi" which is its primary its function, however, i just found out that its signal is the worst, 3g works perfect but sharing it over wifi is a HUGE problem, i had my laptop next to the router and my ping to is most of the time 2 - 3 digits, but when i try the LAN its just 1ms away...

ive tried my linksys wifi dongle to my dir-300 wifi and the ping is also 1ms away...now when i bring my laptop i few meters away, ping starts to spike and even worst connection drops, i know many also had this problem,

my question is,
1.do you guys from dlink have a fix for this coming,
2. i have a  firmware = 1.04 Mon 19 Apr 2010 , im from southeast asia,
can i use the firmware = 1.08 BETA 02 ????

i hope someone helps, i dont want to feel i wasted my money on this product...
or I just did?