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Title: DXS-3227 Stops Responding
Post by: alphafreight on October 18, 2010, 07:54:58 AM
We purchased a number of D-Link switches back in 07 and we had been using them as a stacked configuration. We are now using this one switch as a standalone. I went through all the configuration clearing and changes to make it a standalone and set it up as a router and used 2 VLANS and used it to route hairpin traffic as well as the hosts on VLAN 2. Everything works fine once it is set up, but after about a day or so you can no longer log in to the web interface. It keeps rejecting all credentials. When I try to telnet to it it just says connection closed (doesn't ask me for any credentials). I end up having to restart the switches from the console port which works for about a day or two but then it keeps "freezing" like this. I have the latest available firmware on it and a lifetime hardware warranty.

Is this a common problem with these switches?