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Title: Video live with DCS-932LB
Post by: alpvir on March 09, 2021, 12:33:10 PM
I have a D-LIK DCS 932LB webcam connected (via ethernet cable) to a Raspberry PI 2 in which an Apache web server is installed with a simple HTML page that should be used to view a video in real time on the internet.
For this purpose, the Raspberry is connected to the internet via the DNS service of www.noip.com
The page in question is perfectly visible on the local network, with its video in real time.
It is also visible on the internet at xxxxxxxx.ddns.net/index.html but the video is not seen !!!
I specify that the webcam requires username (admin) and password (sesamo) for access.
In the HTML page I have inserted, among other things, the tag
<IMG src = "http: // admin: sesamo at 192.168.xxx.xxx/MPEG.CGI"; width = "640" height = "480">
   <source src = "http: // admin: sesamo at 192.168.xxx.xxx/MPEG.CGI">;
I know that the video stream of this webcam is also visible via other "URLs".
For example
but from various tests carried out by me I have never obtained the desired result: view the video on the internet.
I should probably open some ports on the router? Which ?
Is it possible to achieve the above?
If so (as I believe) where am I wrong?
Thanks for the attention
Title: Re: Video live with DCS-932LB
Post by: alpvir on March 11, 2021, 11:46:14 PM
No reply ? No help?  :'(

Versione attuale firmware: 2.18.01
Data corrente firmware: 2019-01-28
Versione agente corrente : 2.2.0-b65