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Author Topic: maximum DHCP reservations exceeded  (Read 35916 times)


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Re: maximum DHCP reservations exceeded
« Reply #45 on: August 15, 2023, 09:44:34 AM »

The max number of the reserved IP on the router is 24. Even if you just named a device without the ip reservation enabled, it is also seen as a ip reservation by the router.

Name a device (without ip reservation enable) = IP reservation enable( without  naming) = Naming a device with Ip reservation.

I have 42 devices on the network, I just have to accept the limitation on this router. I have some unknown devices and some duplicated named devices on the network.

I have given up on testing of this router and just simply accept all the problems that come with it.

At least the most important functions, connect to internet, Ethernet connection and wifi (not smart connect) are seem working fine.

I'm still using DIR-890L (next upgrade will be a mature Wi-Fi 7 in a couple years), and happy with its performance and stability. To confirm my understanding, devices configured with static IP address (not talking about DHCP IP reservation etc. done on router side) do not count toward this 24/25 limitations, correct? If I have kept an address range with 100 entries outside DHCP assigned range, and assign these 100 addresses statically to 100 devices, they should all be able to operate, is this correct? For those with 802.11 understanding, what's the limit on number of clients (STAs) that can stay associated with DIR-890L (this is a layer-2 MAC question, nothing to do with IP).
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