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Author Topic: Inquiries  (Read 4763 times)


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« on: July 24, 2007, 12:08:02 AM »

(I hope these kinds of posts are allowed here)

Well, hi there, I am currently interested in purchasing the D-Link DIR-655 Xtreme N Gigabit Router (hopefully sometime next week I will have made a purchase). Okay, current situation: Three computers; PC 1 will needs a new router, PC 2 already has a wireless network card and PC 3 has a USB wireless network adapter. All three computers are using a different brand of product (they're not D-Link products). So my question is; if I purchase the D-Link DIR-655 Xtreme N Gigabit Router for my desktop computer will my non-D-Link wireless network card and USB wireless network adapter be compatible with the router? Or would I need to purchase D-Link wireless network card(s) / USB wireless network adapter(s)? I think I read somewhere that using D-Link wireless network cards, wireless USB adapters would provide better performance. What are the advantages/disadvantages to using a D-Link/non-D-Link wireless network cards, wireless USB adapters? Would it be recommended I purchase D-Link wireless network card and USB network adapters instead of using my current ones? And finally, is there some sort of family package bundle that contains the D-Link DIR-655 Xtreme N Gigabit Router, wireless network card(s), wireless USB adapter(s)? If not, which wireless network card(s) and/or wireless USB network adapters would you recommend I buy?

Oh, and please bare in mind that I'm pretty much a newbie to this whole genre so please keep the posts relatively simple.

(PS: Did not include the brand name of my current network card and adapter in-case it would be considered as "advertising" here, but if one needs to know it just give me a shout)

Rara Avis

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Re: Inquiries
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2007, 09:22:19 AM »

The DIR-655 follows the Wireless N standard and as such will allow you to connect with any manufacturers wireless adapters.  The biggest performance increase you will see if from a USB adapter to a non-USB adapter.  The USB bus provides less power and therefore less wireless output than a PCI or PCMCIA bus.  It is suggested that you use the same brand of adapter to provide a guaranteed matched fit, however given the wonderful IEEE standards any manufacturers product should work.

Additionally please be informed that the N wireless signal of your DIR-655 will only act as B or G if you have a single host connecting at those speeds.  For example if you old adapters are G then you will only be getting G speeds with your new N adapter, regardless of the capabilities of the router.  This is also why it is important to use encryption so that even if you upgrade to a pure N network a passing stranger with a laptop can't easily connect and potentially drop your speeds as well as steal your bandwidth.

As for product suggestions, we are hanging out on the D-Link Forums so I think the opinions will be a little biased here.  However I can tell you that I would not be at all afraid to recommend their PCI or PCMCIA or PC Express Card Wireless N adapters.  Again USB is a good solution when it is all that is available but if you can at all get away from it you will never look back.

If that all did not confuse you then you are no longer the newbie you admit to being.
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