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Author Topic: DWA-125 and Snow Leopard  (Read 16906 times)


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DWA-125 and Snow Leopard
« on: May 20, 2010, 06:31:56 PM »

Ok, so I have this working I want to outline here how I did it:   :o 8)

But first the usual disclaimers:

If you have any doubts about being able to do this yourself, take your machine to a trained technician and have them setup your network.  I am not responsible for any loss of data, income, hardware, software or any other thing you can think of should you not be able to get these directions to work or should you break anything on your machine.  By continuing to read on or follow the following directions you agree to hold me blameless.

Mac Pro 2 X 3ghz
16Gb Ram
7TB hdd
2 - 2 port ESata cards

Snow Leopard 10.6.3

Netgear N150 with WPS ** WPS Required **
Any router should work, WPS was the only way I could get this to work when I tried to join an SSID in Wireless Utility it would crash.



Download the above drivers to your desktop.

  • Startup Snow Leopard, do not start any applications.
  • Under the apple in the upper left hand corner of the screen choose System Preferences
  • Select network from the third row
  • Drop down location and choose Edit Locations
  • Click the plus sign and then type in DLINK125 then click done
  • Install the driver above and reboot

  • After reboot Under the apple in the upper left hand corner of the screen choose System Preferences
  • Select network from the third row
  • Drop down location and select the location you created above
  • Remove all network interfaces from the location by highlighting each one then pressing the minus button right above the lock
  • Click the plus right above the lock on the bottom left hand side of the screen
  • From the drop down choose the 11n Adapter
  • Select Using DHCP if it is not selected
  • Click apply

  • Now plug in your DWA-125 into a USB port
  • The Wireless utility will start automatically
  • Click the WPS tab on the Wireless utility (this will not show if your router does not support wps)
  • Open your router's admin interface in safari on another computer (I used my laptop)
  • Click add WPS Client then click the next button
  • For NG select PUSH BUTTON and then click the button in the admin interface or click the WPS button on the router
  • Click the PBC button in the WPS tab of the Wireless utility.  It may take a couple of times to get this right, it seemed to fail for me several times.  If it does fail, click the disconnect button, select the ssid you want to connect to and click the PBC button again
  • Once the profile is setup successfully click the Export Profile button
  • Now click the Profile tab in Wireless Utility
  • Select the new profile and click connect
  • After a few seconds the Box around the checkbox will turn green. This means you are connected
  • I had to enter a DNS server address, you may or may not have to.

Close the wireless utility and enjoy surfing.

As with anything your mileage may vary.  This appears to be working well for me, I am downloading very quickly from ITunes at the moment and Adobe.



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