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Title: DCS-8302LH (ONVIF compatible) managed by Synology, how to assign different port?
Post by: user100 on March 28, 2021, 08:44:30 PM
I bought three DCS-8302LH IP cams. I plan to manage these IP cams by Synology via ONVIF (DCS-8302LH ONVIF is officially supported by Synology).

To do this, I follow the instructions and activate each IP cam by using iOS app MyDlink first. Then I search each of these IP Cams in my Synology Surveillance Station under the tab of "ONVIF". The Synology Surveillance Station does find out the IP cams BUT they are ALL under the same port (80). As each device (IP cam) should have its own port for communication, I want to know how to change the port for my second and third IP cam?

Thank you.