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Author Topic: DWC-1000 RevC Firmware Released  (Read 10480 times)


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DWC-1000 RevC Firmware Released
« on: July 06, 2018, 09:14:48 AM »

Firmware v4.7.0.1 has been released for the DWC-1000 Revision C.

Firmware --> ftp://FTP2.DLINK.COM/PRODUCTS/DWC-1000/REVC/DWC-1000_REVC_FIRMWARE_v4.7.0.1_WW.zip

Release Notes --> ftp://FTP2.DLINK.COM/PRODUCTS/DWC-1000/REVC/DWC-1000_REVC_RELEASE_NOTES_v4.7.0.1.pdf

Release Notes:

1. Support new APs
2. Captive portal optimization
3. Improving stability of controller GUI access (LSH project critical error issue)

New Features:
1. Supports DWL-6620APS and DWL-7620AP
2. Multiple RADIUS server support
3. Isolated SSID profile

1. Wrong display of Expiration Date and Time on Frontdesk page.
2. RADIUS attributes (Calling-Station-Id and Called-Station-Id) are not included for Captive Portal authentication.
3. The problematic AP profile gives wrong SSID assignment after system reboot.
4. Cannot remove DNS Hostname Mapping via either the GUI or CLI interface
5. (When no VPN license) Throwing "Bad Parameter" error message when using Manage Dashboard options.
6. When using billing users in batch generation, system pops up wrong “error message” due to the mismatch of calculation of max users in back-end.
7. Not able to upload the image for WLAN Visualization (DI20170717000001/ HQ20170717000005) SPR #61707
8. Fix of IRAN country code issue
9. Fix of UAE country code issue
10.System shows strange error message “Operation Failed” when setup Email Log Configuration
11. Wrong Airtime Fairness warning message when trying to enable AP Client QoS Mode globally
12. When setup IP ACL Rule Configuration, there is no IP option within the Protocol dropdown list.
13. FB WiFi issue
14. Error message when adding VLANs to LACP
15. DHCP NACK Issue
16.Web UI Management feature which is not existing in DWC-2000 but available in DWC-1000C1 (DWC-2000 only) SPR #63352
17.Cannot access the Web UI using Firefox
18. not configurable
19. You cannot add /24 network address via WEB GUI
20.Critical Issue of License Activation
21.Roll in the fix of test build for DWC-2000 hang-up issue
22. DWL-6610APE management issue. Not allow WPA2+TKIP setup
23. DHQ CP Login issue (General fixes/optimizations and LDAP Auth flow changes)
24. LSH project critical error issue, system pop-up error msg when accessing GUI page “A critical error encountered while web page”, a reboot needed to have it back
25. LAG issue (Link Aggregation static mode) with DGS-3420
26.Configure default route on CLI
27.Config backup/restore via DV7 issue
28. DWC-1000 config issue with update (from to,
29. DWC-2000 the expired temporary users within DB are not automatically deleted.
30. To have TLS on/off (Maintenance» Logs Settings» Remote Logs) for DWC-1000 A1/B1/C1 only,
31.Adding the warning message whenever a reset to factory default is needed during firmware downgrade process.
32. Lost configuration after downgrade firmware.
33. WLAN Visualization image issue, the uploaded file size is zero.
34. WLAN clients can directly access the Internet without being redirected to the Captive Portal
35. DBG17030351 TCP SYN scan, closed port should not be detected
36. DBG17030352 UDP port scan, no ports should respond to UDP port scan. )
37. DBG17040046 TCP-FIN scan, no ports should respond to TCP-FIN scan.
38. POP3 authentication server should accept the FQDN name with more than 15 characters.
39. DWC-1000 - WLAN Wizard only supports A/B/G/N not AC
40. Incorrect warning message in peer device when try to start manual power adjustment.
41. DWL-6700AP status is not changing to standalone from managed mode.
42. In customized captive portal page, the login successful page shows Password Change option wrongly, it shouldn't be available since it was disabled.
43.VPN license is losing after upgrade from to
44. Log is getting full fast by Kernel Error message, need to remove this log
45. [DLAB] Multiple ports are staying at "closed" status in TCP SYN scan.
46. [DLAB] UDP port scan (by using NMAP) result is showing closed ports
47. [DLAB] TCP-Fin scan (by using NMAP) result shows closed ports
48. Unable to configure the Airtime fairness option in the DWC1000 C1, when enable "Airtime Fairness" for the profile

Known Issues:

1. DBG17050232 DWC-1k_diffServ_behavior for adding ANY in diffServ Class should be the issue (SPR-54624).
2. DBG17040350 DWC-1k_IP-ACL_Can setup the IP ACL Rule for ICMP with port value. (SPR 56413)
3. DBG17050299 Extended bug found during the test of "SPR#55342", DUT is using LAN-IP address as source address for Radius authentication
while we put the Radius server on Option1 network.
4. DBG17050120 Facebook WiFi is not work---client will be presented a 404 error page. (incomplete FB login page)

DWC-1000 C1 v4603 port scan issues:
1. DBG17070548 The http login password is plain text
2. DBG17070588 [DBG16110376]_D-Lab_2016_11_C1_Unable to add 625 users from csv only 624 are added SPR #61819