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Author Topic: DWC-2000 - Firmware v4.7.0.3 Released  (Read 6097 times)


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DWC-2000 - Firmware v4.7.0.3 Released
« on: May 08, 2018, 02:08:16 PM »

Firmware - ftp://FTP2.DLINK.COM/PRODUCTS/DWC-2000/REVA/DWC-2000_REVA_FIRMWARE_v4.7.0.3.zip

Release Notes: download)

1. Support new APs (DWL-6620APS and DWL-7620AP)
2. Captive portal optimization
3. Improving stability of controller GUI access (LSH project critical error issue)

1. Wrong display of Expiration Date and Time on Frontdesk page. (DEUR20170131000013/ HQ20170202000026). SPR #59620
2. RADIUS attributes (Calling-Station-Id and Called-Station-Id) are not included for Captive Portal authentication. (Works fine for MAC authentication and WPA2/-Enterprise)
3. The problematic AP profile gives wrong SSID assignment after system reboot. (DEUR20170111000006/ HQ20170113000006) (DWC-1000/A1/B1 only) SPR #52908
4. Cannot remove DNS Hostname Mapping via either the GUI or CLI interface (DI20170219000001/ HQ20170220000001) SPR #61971
5. (When no VPN license) Throwing "Bad Parameter" error message when using Manage Dashboard options. (DEUR20170707000003/HQ20170710000008) (DWC-1000 only) SPR #61724
6. When using billing users in batch generation, system pops up wrong “error message” due to the mismacth of calculation of max users in backend. (DEUR20170414000001/ HQ20170414000008) (DWC-1000 only) SPR #60528
7. Not able to upload the image for WLAN Visualization (DI20170717000001/ HQ20170717000005) SPR #61707
8. Fix of IRAN country code issue
9. Fix of UAE country code issue (IMA20170810000001/HQ20170811000001)
10.System shows strange error message “Operation Failed” when setup Email Log Configuration (DEUR20170412000001/HQ20170412000014) (DWC-1000/C1) SPR #60506
11. Wrong Airtime Fairness warning message when trying to enable AP Client QoS Mode globally (DEUR20170530000005/HQ20170602000025) SPR#61311
12. When setup IP ACL Rule Configuration, there is no IP option within the Protocol dropdown list. (DEUR20170622000007/HQ20170623000005) (DWC-2000) SPR#61414
13. FB WiFi issue SPR#60907
14. Error message when adding VLANs to LACP (SPR#62454)
15. DHCP NACK Issue (DEUR20171005000005/ HQ20171006000012) SPR #63495
16.Web UI Management feature which is not existing in DWC-2000 but available in DWC-1000C1 (DWC-2000 only) SPR #63352
17.Cannot access the Web UI using Firefox (DI20170803000001/HQ20170803000006) SPR #62221
18. not configurable (DEUR20170907000001/HQ20170907000002) (DWC-1000) SPR#62490
19. You cannot add /24 network address via WEB GUI (DI20171004000006/ HQ20171005000002) SPR# 62525
20.Critical Issue of License Activation (DEUR20171206000002/HQ20171207000002) SPR #62859
21.Roll in the fix of test build for DWC-2000 hang-up issue (DI20170116000007/ HQ20170117000004) SPR #62911
22. DWL-6610APE management issue. Not allow WPA2+TKIP setup (DEUR20171222000001/ HQ20171227000004) SPR #62995
23. DHQ CP Login issue (General fixes/optimizations and LDAP Auth flow changes)
24. LSH project critical error issue, system pop-up error msg when accessing GUI page “A critical error encountered while web page”, a reboot needed to have it back (HQ20180125000010) SPR #63234
25. LAG issue (Link Aggregation static mode) with DGS-3420 (DI20171006000001/ HQ20171006000013) SPR #62539
26.Configure default route on CLI (DEUR20171027000004/HQ20171027000010) (DWC-1000 C1 only) SPR #62631
27.Config backup/restore via DV7 issue (DI20171012000001/HQ20171013000009) SPR #63406
28. DWC-1000 config issue with update (from to, (DEUR20171123000005/ HQ20171124000005) SPR#62776
29. DWC-2000 the expired temporary users within DB are not automatically deleted. (DEUR20171109000003/HQ20171110000004) SPR #62720
30. To have TLS on/off (Maintenance» Logs Settings» Remote Logs) for DWC-1000 A1/B1/C1 only, (DUSA20180117000001/HQ20180117000002) SPR# 63169"
31.Adding the warning message whenever a reset to factory default is needed during firmware downgrade process. (DI20180119000003/HQ20180131000007) SPR# 63265
32. Lost configuration after downgrade firmware. (DI20180119000003/HQ20180214000007) SPR #63351
33. WLAN Visualization image issue, the uploaded file size is zero. (DEUR20180228000006/ HQ20180305000016) SPR# 63462
34. WLAN clients can directly access the Internet without being redirected to the Captive Portal (DEUR20180305000004/ HQ20180307000009)
(fix for DWC-1000/C1 only) SPR# 63498
35. DBG17030351 TCP SYN scan, closed port should not be detected (DWC-2000 v4602)
36. DBG17030352 UDP port scan, no ports should respond to UDP port scan. (DWC-2000 v4602)
37. DBG17040046 TCP-FIN scan, no ports should respond to TCP-FIN scan. (DWC-2000 v4602)
38. POP3 authentication server should accept the FQDN name with more than 15 characters. (DI20170320000001/ HQ20170320000005) SPR
39. DWC-1000 - WLAN Wizard only supports A/B/G/N not AC (DEUR20170127000002/ HQ20170202000013) SPR #59495
40. Incorrect warning message in peer device when try to start manual power adjustment. (DI20170228000003/ HQ20170301000025) SPR
41. DWL-6700AP status is not changing to standalone from managed mode. (HQ20170517000004) SPR #60943
42. In customized captive portal page, the login successful page shows Password Change option wrongly, it shouldn't be available since it was disabled. (DEUR20170717000004/ HQ20170718000008) SPR #63334