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Author Topic: mydlink.com - Wishlist  (Read 153199 times)


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Re: mydlink.com - Wishlist
« Reply #90 on: February 10, 2015, 08:11:01 PM »

This wishlist contains suggestions provided by the forum community and may not reflect actual changes to current or future D-Link software releases. Below is a summary of everyone's input thus far. Please let me know if I over-generalized, misrepresented, or overlooked anyone's concerns and I'll refresh the list with updates. Recent updates are in blue.

mydlink Wishlist

  • Browser Support - Improved Firefox and Safari support (e.g. inability to configure motion detection)
  • Camera Control - Access and change camera settings even if Java is not installed
  • Camera Control - Option to add larger steps to pan/tilt the camera large angles (e.g. a 180 degree turn over the mobile app requires man button presses and a long time with the inherent time lag)
  • GUI - Add on/off option to enable/disable one or more cameras
  • Camera Control - Option to concurrently view live views from multiple registered cameras
  • Live Video Feed - Option to throttle down throughput to mobile devices to avoid excessive data charges (i.e. "Video Over Cellular Data" checkbox)
  • Live Video Feed - Date and time data (time stamp) in the mydlink view (to indicate system is working)
  • Live Video Feed - Support for 480p and 720p resolution
  • Maintenance - Display real time bandwidth used for each registered device (i.e. per IP address)
  • Security - Option to remove the Admin password (on the "More Settings" page)
  • Security - Remove the "Show Password" option
  • Security - Support for guest accounts providing access to one or more cameras (with the option to suspend viewing privileges)
  • Support - DNR-202L - Add ability to control Advanced Settings for network cameras connected to the DNR-202L
  • Support - DNR-202L - Add ability to independently access registered network cameras that are also connected to the DNR-202L
  • [Bug] Error message "Max. Number of Views Reached. Please Try Again Later. (027F062500)"

Wishlist Items Addressed by D-Link (Thank you!)

  • Camera Control - Option to disable audio on the mydlink page without editing the camera settings [FIXED!]
  • Live Video Feed - Include camera name in the mydlink info display [FIXED!]
  • Browser Support - Improved Firefox and Safari support (e.g. inability to configure motion detection) [FIXED!]
  • Camera Control - Add "Enable Motion Detection" button to capture motion events without opening the camera web UI [FIXED!]
  • Camera Control - Add "Preset Positions" (from the DCS-5010L and DCS-5020L web UI) in mydlink as a dropdown menu to quickly navigate camera positions [FIXED!]
  • Camera Control - Manually change to camera sort order on the mydlink page [FIXED!]
  • Camera Control - Option to select video profile (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4) [FIXED!]
  • Live Video Feed - Add option for full-screen video [FIXED!]
  • Live Video Feed - Option to stream audio/video feeds locally when monitoring from a device on the same local network as the camera [FIXED!]
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Re: mydlink.com - Wishlist
« Reply #91 on: October 07, 2015, 09:11:30 AM »

From other software that I have used in the past, a couple of things that would be nice to see would be:

The ability to change the exposure or fstop of the camera. Sometimes the background might be bright but what you want to see is in the foreground which is not as bright so the camera sets the exposure based on the background making the foreground too dark to see anything. An override for this would be nice.

The ability to have the camera return to the home position automatically after a certain amount of inactive time has passed.

These are 2 features I found helpful is other cam software.



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Re: mydlink.com - Wishlist
« Reply #92 on: January 09, 2016, 11:20:00 AM »

Old thread, hopefully it's still hot. I'd like to see real-time SMS notification for motion/sound detection instead of email. I've received email notifications 2 - 3 hours after the occurrence. Pretty useless if some miscreant was on the property then but long gone by the time I'm aware of it.
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