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Title: DNR resetting camera settings
Post by: yuuichi on February 13, 2014, 12:40:17 PM
For some reason my DNR 202L is forcing my 3 DCS 5020L to reset their video settings. I set them for max, H.264 for30 fps at 3 mb and MJPEG high at 30 fps. All my cameras are wired over cat 5. After a few seconds the camera will suddenly jump back to 10 fps 1.5 mb/medium 7 fps and the picture turns purple until I force it to either day time or night time and then returns to normal, after that can set back to auto. I unplug power to the DNR and set my cameras back, they hold the setting even when I am watching them from multiple computers so it isn't a load issue on the cameras. The firmware is the same as on the support site.

Another issue is the DNR only allows me to record with H264 when the manual says it supports JMPEG recording also. It doesn't even give me the option for it.

Update :  I checked the logs in the DNR. The logs show the DNR can't handle full stream!?! Please confirm this or I am returning it. I get the same thing for all my cameras in the log.
2014/02/13 14:07:33 camera device stream stop on ch 1.
2014/02/13 14:07:32 camera device receive huge stream on ch 1.

Thank You
Title: Re: DNR resetting camera settings
Post by: ReverendTed on February 13, 2014, 09:11:40 PM
I'm recording from two DCS-932L cameras to my DNR-202L, using MJPEG 640x480 "medium quality" with audio at 15fps.  (The 923L doesn't support h.264 or I'd be using it.)

Have you tried using one camera at a time, or starting with lower quality settings and then moving up until it stops working?
Have you tried setting the "Video Profile" for each camera in its own settings before setting it through the DNR-202L?

You might also try setting the frame rate to Auto in the DNR-202L settings for each camera.
Title: Re: DNR resetting camera settings
Post by: yuuichi on February 14, 2014, 01:56:39 PM
After working one camera at a time. it appears the DNR cannot handle it. I have returned it. If it cannot handle 30 fps at 3 mb I have no use for it. I will just build a compact linux server and run an open source camera management system I found. I find this very disappointing it cannot handle multiple cameras at max setting. And I did verify it isn't because of my hard drive as even when it is not recording and in standby it keeps dropping the framerate and messing up the cameras by putting them in both daytime and night mode at the same time.

If it wasn't for the fact that it is to late for me to return my cameras for a refund I would be looking at going with another company.