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Author Topic: Digital Audio Out Data Integrity - for AC3, DTS, etc.  (Read 6016 times)


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Digital Audio Out Data Integrity - for AC3, DTS, etc.
« on: November 16, 2008, 11:25:10 AM »

I have a DLINK 520. I can't speak for the HDMI since I'm not using it, but the COAX digital audio out should be able to play AC3 and DTS encoded audio into an external decoder (e.g.  A/V receiver). I also own a Slim Devices Transporter and it is capable of playing back WAV files which are AC3 (Dolby Digital) encoded into my Denon receiver. But the Dlink 520 is not, playing the same files.

On any reproducer, it is necessary to set the volume to full in order to guarantee the data is retained, but this does not seem to fix the DLink's problem. I would like to see a firmware update that bypasses the volume control, sets it to a guaranteed 0 dB gain and allows encoded formats such as AC3 to do a digital audio passthrough. Has anyone had any success with the Dlink playing AC3 encoded files? Getting that to work would be the first step in reproducing surround sound movies.

Here is a link to some 44.1 kHz WAV files encoded in AC3 and DTS to test the DLink:



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was AC3, now just a "goodbye to DSM-520"
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2008, 11:55:44 AM »

I spent the weekend with my DSM-520 and returned it to Comp USA and bought a Playstation 3! For the following reasons among others:

1---built in blu-ray player in PS-3. I get "two mints in one", a super high quality Blu-Ray player and a multimedia center that plays photos and files from my network, and my media server in the highest resolution, all file formats supported.

2---Plug and play of digital camera via USB is VERY slick. Comared to the slow and unergonomic play of photos from the DSM-520, the PS-3 has VERY ergonomic, speedy and functional photo viewing, sorting and even deleting and cropping, in the PS-3, all from a digital camera connected directly.

3---AC3 and multichannel support of high res. files from the PS-3. As this thread began, I was not able to decode AC3 or DTS from the DSM-520, either optical, coax, or HDMI. And I'm a professional audio engineer, I know all the gotchas and the causes and I eliminated all that I could think of---->   check that "volume" is up full, test the coax and optical connections with another source, etc.

4---ability to play VOB files. Apparently the PS3 can play VOBs direct, though I did not test this.

5---built in hard disk in PS-3. This can be a plus, though I haven't yet used the function, as everything is on our media server.

6----The online content (Active TV) that DSM provides is so lame and poor resolution anyway, it's all blown up low res audio/video from internet sources. Looks like crap on a high res TV. Keep it on a small computer screen and you could maybe live with it, but then why run the DSM-520 in the first place? So there's no value added from the DSM. The video rentals I could find are all very low res, no surround sound either.

7---I bought this box to add to my home theatre, so the PS-3 is just superior in every way-----I don't even play games and I'm impressed.

7----Multichannel audio support over HDMI, does not seem to be available in the DSM-520.

Many other ergonomic improvements in the PS-3 over the DSM. It's no contest. The on-screen graphics, menus, etc. from the Sony look much more professional.

The only issue is the PS-3 remote control is not infrared. But for $15.95 from Amazon you can get an Infrared remote that plugs into USB and then can use a universal IR remote or their remote. I'm sorry D-Link, I have to go. It was a nice 3-day tryout. But you can't compete with the PS3---it has everything you've dreamed of being and more. Sorry guys----I'm gone.


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Re: Digital Audio Out Data Integrity - for AC3, DTS, etc.
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2008, 04:00:02 PM »

I have no issues playing avi files with DTS and AC3 audio streams, using both the HDMI one one TV and the digital audio cable on another.

Most devices don't support wav files with more then 2 audio channels, however if you change the container to AVI, it will work fine.



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Re: Digital Audio Out Data Integrity - for AC3, DTS, etc.
« Reply #3 on: November 19, 2008, 06:14:05 PM »

I have succes playing dolbt digital 5.1 AC3 sound. I create xvid files from dvd's using Fair Use software. The software will only encode the dolby digital sound tracks. It will not encode DTS sound tracks