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Author Topic: Help Needed with setting up VLANs on 2 DES3052p 48 port switches  (Read 8269 times)


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Help Needed with setting up VLANs on 2 DES3052p 48 port switches
« on: September 02, 2014, 04:24:31 PM »


Please can anyone help me with the proper means and methods to setting up multiple VLANs and VLAN trunking between two DES-3052p switches?
I have tried and failed multiple times in trying setup six VLANs on my network which is a nearly completely virtualized server network(including the router/firewall):

VLAN10 - Management -
VLAN20 - LAN Users     - (mostly desktops, a few wifi devices)
VLAN30 - Servers        -
VLAN40 - Voice           - (network IP PBX, SIP phones which provide the desktops network         
VLAN50  - Wifi Guests   - (A single AP, I'd like to keep all wifi users on a different network)
VLAN60  -  ISP and RTR - Public Addresses ( I dont know if this is possible but I'd like the external connections on a single VLAN, just two devices -- RTR WAN and ISP Modem).

I keep locking myself out of the switches and have literally brought the network to a grinding halt for three days without resolution. I gave up and made everything be on a single flat network which I do not like.
The servers plus the routers are all (Linux) KVM hypervisor devices on two host machines, each with 3 NICs.
On the first server, I wanted the router to be bridged out on one NIC for external connections, use another NIC bridged out to the LAN to be able to process all VLANs, and the 3rd NIC to be a VLAN30 bridge for all server connections.
On the second server, I need one server (dhcp,dns,domain control) on a single bridge NIC that's trunked to see all the VLANs, and a second NIC for VLAN30 (the other servers living on this hypervisor).

I would really appreciate some help!

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Help Needed with setting up VLANs on 2 DES3052p 48 port switches
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2014, 02:20:30 PM »


without digging into details, do you think reading the switch's manual (section 7, p. 79ff) might be helpful?

I keep locking myself out of the switches ...

Maybe you changed the VLAN for the management interface (System) of a switch to non-default (VID=1), say VID=10, but 'forgot' to configure at least one switch port to belong to VLAN10 (untagged), in order that the switch's management interface is still reachable for a management PC plugged to this port? In this case the consequence is that the management interface is no more reachable via any switchport and you must use the CLI via the switch's console port to configure some switchport as needed or reset the switch to defaults.

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