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DSR-1000AC IPSEC VPN and traffic several subnets in same vpn


Hello Guys,   I need help  because I had put a case in call center D-Link since  two week ago, but stiil no answer.

My scenario is the next:   I hace  two DSR-1000AC  whit vpn site to site ipsec  stabilished and working  fine,   and ping  betwen lan to lan.

I have other subnets ( vlan ) configured in headquarters B and I want to pass the traffic to headquarters A and vice versa in the same vpn. What is the procedure for this?

Scenario today:      192.168.10.x ---- DSR-1000AC  ---- vpn  -----  DSR -1000AC  ----  192.168.20.x                Working fine

DESIRED SCENARIO:     192.168.10.x ---- DSR-1000AC  ---- vpn  -----  DSR -1000AC  ----  192.168.20.x  / VLAN 30  192.168.30.x  / VLAN 40 192.168.40.x

Thanks for your reply


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