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Author Topic: Print Server  (Read 4057 times)


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Print Server
« on: May 03, 2010, 08:26:49 PM »

I tried to print something this afternoon and it failed.  After spending much of my afternoon trying to figure it out, I give up - I don't know what else to do. I have googled and tried everything I can think of.

Looking for advice or just need to know if its time to replace the DNS-323. 

1) the printer is a canon mp470
2) the printer works fine connected directly to my system
3) the dns-323 sees the printer. If I unplug it, the dns-323 correctly identifies it is no longer connected.
4) I have uninstalled and reinstalled printer drivers, updated firmware on the dns-323 to 1.08, and just completed a factory reset.
5) One laptop is Win Vista Ultimate, my other laptop is WinXp.  I have done tested (multiple times) on both systems).  Both systems are connected to my network over wireless but I did plug them both in to my router for the sake of troubleshooting.
6) Prior to this morning, everything worked fine. I printed something as recently as late last week.
7) I did swap out the USB cable as I have a ton of them - I think this is irrelevant though as it DID work fine connected to both laptops.  Fired right up and spit out the print without any hesitation. 

If I go into the "Printers" folder on the unit, it takes I would estimate 2-3 minutes before the printer "lp" shows up.  If I try to go into the properties, it again takes a couple minutes before I get any dialog box.  Trying to do anything results in an error. Flipping between the tabs (general, sharing, ports, advanced, security) takes a minute or two before it changes to the tab I clicked.  Again, everything else on my computer works fine. My system is very snappy.  I can do anything I want while I am waiting.

If I attempt to connect to the printer through the DNS-323, it takes a LONG time compared to how it used to take.  I would estimate 3-5 minutes before it pops up with the box that I need a driver. I point it to the driver and it will more or less hang while installing the driver.  The rest of my system is 100% usable.  Trying to click on the install window causes the window to become non-responsive.  Interestingly, the printer DOES show up in my "Printers" folder under control panel regardless.   

Trying to print merely causes the program in question to freeze up.  I waited 45 minutes earlier (I had to run an errand anyway. I wasn't sitting here the whole time) and absolutely nothing happened.  The printer makes no sign of life, the .lpd folder does not change in any way, shape, or form. The dates on the files in the .lpd folder are not modified..  Nothing happens.

When I open the "Printer" folder under control panel, it takes awhile before it says "Ready".  I tried a test page - nothing happens.  no sign of life on the printer, no files are modified or added to the .lpd folder.  Trying to click on properties on the printer causes the same symptoms as trying to click on the "Printer" folder within the DNS-323 folders.  Very, very slow. sometimes errors out.  Ink checks do not work, maintenance does not work. 

I recently gave away my old printer so I don't have one handy to plug in for troubleshooting.  I could bring the unit to someone elses house easy enough if it came down to it.  I really don't think the printer is at fault since I literally unplugged the USB cord from the NAS and plugged it into my laptop, hit print, and it worked fine.

Thoughts?  Any other t/s that I can possibly do?  This NAS has really been great to me. I have had it for almost two years and I was just about to pick up a couple larger drives as I am filling these up quickly.  If its time to buy a new one, that's fine - electronics break. I just need to know I have done everything I can to come to that conclusion.



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Re: Print Server
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2010, 05:38:13 AM »

First - I need to point out that some printers don't work with print servers at all, some printers are a pain in the butt to get working, and will usually work fine after that, and some printers are like a walk in the park - it relates more to the printer architecture and drivers than the print server itself.

I prefer to install the printer directly attached to the computer and after the drivers have loaded and everything is functional, to connect it to the print server and modify the properties to point to the new location - I find this way much easier.

Essentially what you're going to do in this case is create a new local port and point to \\<ip-address-of DNS-323>\lp - there are a few threads with a step by step, you can use the search function if you need step by step instructions.
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Re: Print Server
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2010, 06:24:01 AM »

I remember I had similar problem a little while ago, it looks like something is terribly wrong but the solution is actually quite simple: since firmware 1.08 you need to log into shared folders on your dns-323 before you can start printing, although the printer is shared for everyone. This is due to the new Samba setting being used in 1.08.

Not sure if this applies to the problem you are seeing.


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Re: Print Server
« Reply #3 on: May 04, 2010, 07:27:04 AM »

thanks for both replies.

As mentioned in my original post, the printer has worked fine for well over a year.  It is not as if I purchased this printer and am having difficulty setting it up. It just stopped working over the NAS.  I have tried multiple ways of setting it up.  I understand some printers don't work well with it - since it did work fine up until yesterday, I have a hard time believing this fits my scenario.

I did access the files before, during, and after every attempt.  never made a difference.

The firmware upgrade was performed after the issue occurred.  The problem did not start as a result of the firmware upgrade.

I tried setting up the printer locally first, then changing over as many websites pointed out.  it just popped up an error saying it couldn't connect to it or that it couldn't be found.

I just tried to setup the printer again the exact same way that I did dozens of times yesterday and it immediately worked, connected, and printed... Absolutely nothing has changed in my setup since the last time I tried, last night, and walked away in frustration until I had more ideas to try.


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