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Title: dir655 in cascade to primary router
Post by: sam1138 on March 20, 2016, 03:18:43 AM
Hi FurryNutz,

I have a new problem to solve today

my new provider gave me a new router wireless, of course I can continue to use DIR655 + DSL320 but I now phone calls are only voip between new routers and I have no choice ....

I have also 3 ip cams and a NVR; the problem is that the new router has only 1 allowed IP in DMZ and I need 4 (1 nvr and 3 ip cams); this means that outside my lan I cant display the video of my cams

searching on forums I found this "how to procedure" (it's italian  :( please use translate)


my actual router has static ip and gateway lan if I put in cascade dir655 with public ip and gateway lan can I have full access to my cams?

many thanks for your support

Title: Re: dir655 in cascade to primary router
Post by: FurryNutz on March 20, 2016, 10:26:35 AM
What is the Mfr and model of the new ISP modem/router?
So I presume you need to configure something like the following?
New ISP modem>DIR-655>swtich and all other devices?

BTW, that URL dosen't appear to be valid. Say page not found when I use it.  ???
Title: Re: dir655 in cascade to primary router
Post by: sam1138 on March 20, 2016, 11:34:03 AM
the router is a Technicolor TG788VN v2

yes it's correct your lan tree

very strange, the link is working to me (copy and paste)

in my next reply I copy the text to let you read
Title: Re: dir655 in cascade to primary router
Post by: FurryNutz on March 20, 2016, 11:51:14 AM
I would set up a reservation for the 655 on the ISP modem. Put this into the ISP modems DMZ.
Then set up this same IP address on the 655 under Setup/Internet/Manual and set a static IP address here. Giving this Static as the same one used in the DMZ on the ISP modem. Gateway would be the ISP modems IP address on this LAN side, so and use the same for DNS.

Leave the 655s LAN pool DHCP address as Connect all or some devices here. You only be able use the 655s DMZ for one additional device that you need as pass thru.

ISP modem(><DMZ (192.168.1.###) IP address for DIR-655>DIR-655 WAN cable connect to ISP modem LAN port><DIR-655(<LAN connect other devices to the LAN ports on back of DIR-655.
Title: Re: dir655 in cascade to primary router
Post by: sam1138 on March 20, 2016, 11:51:59 AM
GOOGLE TRANSLATE .... please be patient and forgive him! Fasweb is the ISP; HAG is the router sent by ISP

hope you can understand I made some little corrections....

[GUIDE] How to set up a router cascade to router Fastweb

Since more and more users that activate Fastweb have the need to manage how your Internet connection as possible and whereas many of the router functions that are provided on loan for use by that company are locked factory, it is necessary to the 'using a second router placed in cascade to that Fastweb so you can control any parameter on its own, bypassing the line, in fact, dates restrictions from HAG Fastweb. Since there is no dedicated thread configuration of this infamous DMZ and as more topic it was necessary to explain what it was and how to perform it, I thought I'd write it, hoping to please.

First, the DMZ, or demilitarized zone, is nothing but completely pass protection network area to network security blocks, so that all traffic that passes over that no filter is applied. Many users need in principal reason for using gaming consoles, as with Fastweb network is very easy to have the so-called "restricted NAT" or "NAT Type 3". In fact the use of this method directly on network devices (such as precisely consoles, smartphones, PCs, tablets or notebooks, in fact any device used directly by the end user) is not at all advisable, as well as dangerous since it this method exposes the device directly to foreign attacks, without being filtered by the router no direct control (minor exceptions dates from a possible internal firewall to the router itself) and it is precisely for this reason that to maintain high defenses of your network you prefer putting a second router in DMZ on the main one, so as to set all the parameters directly on it while keeping intact the defenses against external attacks. At the same time, it is also possible to go to set the parameters that many times in the HAG Fastweb you can not change because of limited access to the user configuration or any bugs that prevent the correct application of these parameters. But let's see in practice how to properly configuring the DMZ.

Before you begin, you must keep in mind that not all routers are suitable to be configured in the DMZ. To place a second router in cascade to that Fastweb have to an essential feature, which is the router in question must have an Ethernet port to the WAN connection used, so double check that your router you will be using has this feature, or you do not use it for this purpose (usually, if present, WAN or INTERNET written is placed directly on the rear panel at the same Ethernet port):

In addition, some of the configuration items that will be mentioned in this guide may differ from router to router (especially regarding those found on the owners routers which are affixed in cascade, since they can vary so much in the model as in the brand, while normally those assigned to the user by Fastweb loan are always the same), so sometimes you have to adapt to the various configuration items that are inside of your router, bearing in mind that, however, will modify the same parameters.

For convenience, the Fastweb router will be called "HAG" and your router will be called "Router".
The guide takes as an example an ADB VV2222 (HAG Fastweb) and Netgear R7000 with DD-WRT firmware (Router owner) but, even with menus and various items, the procedure is valid for any coupled HAG-Router.

Three important things.
1) In order for the procedure to work, it is necessary that the Fastweb HAG is configurable user side (ie ADB or Technicolor). For all only configurable via HAG MyFastPage this configuration is not possible, as they can only activate the port forwarding but can not assign an IP in the DMZ. Who is in a situation of this type, to resolve should adopt a workaround, of which it is spoken in other forum thread, for example a VPN specially used for this purpose, but it is an aspect that should not be treated in this guide.
2) The second is more of a council, or if you can access via wifi to the HAG keep this active until the procedure is complete (I say when I turn it off, you always want to turn it off and I will explain why), why after you have configured your router you will need one last on the HAG configuration and whether or not you want to detach again the Ethernet cables then it will make you very convenient to access from a tablet, smartphone or laptop.
3) It 's very important to remember the IP of the HAG, which normally is If in your network have a different address, remember to use your instead of the one written here. This address will serve on the router to allow him to acquire the from HAG connection.

Based on what we have just said, revenues in the WAN connection menu of the router (or the Internet connection in the WAN menu if you do not find the settings you are looking for) and set a static IP address in the same range of the HAG network. To access the menu of your router is preferable to connect cable, or wirelessly with automatic IP address assignment (DHCP enabled).

IP Address -
Subnet Mask -
Default Gateway -
DNS 1 -
DNS 2:03 you can leave quietly empty or as a rule already set on the router owners.

Alternatively, you can directly use the DNS Fastweb's owners, who are usually the primary DNS and secondary. Consider this alternative if after setting up the DMZ note that by connecting from your router you can not browse.

Configured the WAN side, we have to configure the LAN, that is, the internal network of your home, which will connect all the various devices. Set it up in the following way:

IP Address -
Subnet Mask -
You will not need to configure gateway and DNS because it will be the router to act as a gateway for your network.
DHCP server = Active, in order to automatically assign an IP address to the devices that will connect to the router (especially useful for connections in wifi notebooks, tablets and smartphones).

NOTE: The Board of configure the WAN side on the router before connecting to HAG Fastweb waterfall is that in most cases the pool of LAN routers use 192.168.1.x, the same used by HAG Fastweb. In a configuration of this type, connect the router owner in cascade would create a redundancy addressing with IP conflict, and not all routers are able to automatically modify the values ​​WAN and LAN properly. For those that are able to manage this problem, usually create a new pool of LAN with 10.0.0.x This network should not use it with Fastweb because it is part of the same network range that is used in MAN, so it may also create conflicts in this case. Manually configure the WAN Router owner before connecting in cascade to that Fastweb is the fastest and safest way to avoid autoconfiguration wrong.

After making the two configurations, save your settings and you are ready to connect the two routers. Connect an Ethernet cable from the WAN Router for any of the four Ethernet ports on the HAG, but connect your pc still to the HAG to set the last remaining parameters.

In the HAG menu, enter the DMZ menu (usually located in the Security menu) and activate it by setting as the Router to (the destination IP address

Revenue then in the setup menu and turn off UPnP both this option and the one concerning the so-called "Activating Extended" (if I remember correctly this only in Technicolor HAG):

Also eliminated any port forwarding you set on the HAG, you will not need it anymore because the DMZ operation will automatically forwardate all ports on the router, so you'll need to open them only on the latter. Also turn off the WiFi on the HAG, as it will activate the Router and will connect you directly to him for both wired and wireless connections.

A note on disabling WiFi  on the HAG. The reason why I recommend you turn it off is because it is assumed that if you ventured into the configuration needed for the DMZ you want to have the HAG completely forget Fastweb and that the way you take it in fact as if it were just a modem, then only with the purpose of coupling the carrier and possibly for the use of the voice (for those who have VoIP), but with all the home devices connected to your router.

At this point also disable the DHCP Server on the HAG:

Small reasoning even for DHCP. If by chance you have two routers in different parts of the house and you need to have both router accessible by the devices, remember that you can always connect on the HAG (both wired and wifi, if it is active), but you must set A HAND IP address, subnet, Gateway and DNS on the device that will connect to WiFi, for disabling the DHCP server on the HAG prevented from fact the automatic assignment of IP devices that connect to him (whether WiFi or cable), then you have to manually set them with type 192.168.1.x addresses (which are on the same subnet on the HAG, where x must be different from 1 and 254 for obvious reasons - 1 is used by the Router DMZ and 254 on the HAG), subnet and the Gateway For DNS, you can only set the primary as or insert hand both IP of the DNS Fastweb, as I wrote above for the router configuration. Alternatively, you can choose not to disable the DHCP on the HAG so as to maintain the automatic assignment of addresses on him if you need to continue to connect devices also on the HAG same without having to hand the whole procedure of address configuration described just above. Remember that connecting a on the HAG device will not be visible on the network together with those connected to your router, because they are part of two network segments that are not in direct communication.

Well, now you're ready to use your network with the DMZ configured properly! To properly use the game console and make sure that you have opened NAT you can just use the UPnP server of your router, or by hand to the question whether open the required ports on the console manufacturer's site on the IP corresponding to it. For devices that require the dedicated settings as precisely the console or any home servers, NAS and so on, but also on the same home PC, I recommend you to set the static local IP, bearing in mind that by this time you will configure each IP must be of type 192.168.2.x, as you have configured the Router's LAN. In particular for the console, here's an interesting article about their NAT with consoles and how to make sure to configure it to best to allow a proper online gaming experience.
Title: Re: dir655 in cascade to primary router
Post by: FurryNutz on March 20, 2016, 11:57:22 AM
Thanks, ya I was on a Mac when I initially tried that URL. Works on Windows.  ::)

 Turning a router into an AP. (http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=40856.0)
Title: Re: dir655 in cascade to primary router
Post by: sam1138 on March 20, 2016, 12:21:05 PM
thanks for your support FurryNutz!!

I will try this procedure in the next days

how can you be so patient and helpful with noobs from all over the world!!

Title: Re: dir655 in cascade to primary router
Post by: FurryNutz on March 20, 2016, 12:35:44 PM
Let us know how it goes.  ;)