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Title: repeater problem
Post by: ieesh on May 27, 2013, 04:00:09 AM
i have purchased dir 505 and have started it as repeater and have followed all these steps
Technical Support Setup Procedure

How To Configure Repeater Mode on DIR-505 via Installation Wizard

Note: SharePort Function is not available when DIR-505 is in Repeater Mode

Step 1: Make sure the hardware switch on the DIR-505 is under ‘Repeater’ mode. Wait for the LED light to turn green before accessing the router.


Step 2: Please connect your PC to DIR-505 via Ethernet cable. Configure manual ip address in your PC in order to access DIR-505 in Repeater mode.

Note: The default IP Address of DIR-505 is


Step 3: Open web browser on your PC, type in the ip address of DIR-505 - to enter the DIR-505 configuration page.

Default password is blank. Please enter your password if you have changed it. Click Log In.


Step 4: Go to SETUP>SETUP WIZARD. Click on ‘Launch Wireless Setup Wizard’ button.


Step 5: Click Next.


Step 6: Select ‘Manual’, Click Next.

Note: You may choose ‘WPS’ only if your main router supports WPS function.


Step 7: Select your main router wireless network name and click Connect.  


Step 8: Please type in the pre-shared key / wireless password of your main router.  Click Next.


Step 9: Click Save. The DIR-505 will reboot.


Step 10:

1.   Back to Step 2.  Remove the IP address that you have configured on Step 2.
2.   Unplug the Ethernet cable from your PC to DIR-505 and place it at the location that you need to extend the wireless coverage.
but even though i have wps in my buffalo router air station and i tried connecting both automatically as well as manually i cannot connect both of them please some one help me and advice what else should i do
please help to install it as repeater
Title: Re: repeater problem
Post by: FurryNutz on June 04, 2013, 06:57:17 AM
Where you cable to get your unit going? Is this for a DIR-505 or a 505L? They are different.