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Title: IFTTT : Motion detection fires even when it is not activated.
Post by: Goufalite on September 05, 2021, 02:20:08 PM
In IFTTT I linked the "motion detected" trigger to a webhook to automate stuff (alarm sound upon mouvement, ...)

I made a scene change parameter in MyDlink to either activate or deactivate motion detection

What happens is that the webhook ALWAYS triggers even when I can see the motion detection in the automation window of myDLInk is OFF... I made the rule to pop a notification and save to sdcard but when automation if off I don't see either notification or a save in the calendar view (which is intended) but I can see the webhook is called.

(Sidenote: please add a stock webhook upon movement in MyDLink so we can do a little domotic upon movements. Thanks)