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Title: *New Feature Request* - Send User Defined String After Entering VOIP Mode
Post by: user83847 on July 25, 2009, 11:03:40 PM
If any moderators are watching this thread, if you would kindly pass this on to the developers of the DPH-50U. I would like to see Dlink add a feature that would automatically send a predefined string after you enter VOIP mode. For example, you press ## to enter VOIP mode. Then the software utility automatically sends "0111" or any other user defined string and then users can dial their area code + number like normal. This would help with family member or friends you invite over that are less than familiar with Dlink's awkward requirement to dial the country code before every call. Then I can give them easy instructions like Dial ## to get a dialtone, dial your number as usual, then press star. Easy. Instead now they have to dial 011+1+areacode+number+star.Most people don't even know there country code, much less expect to dial it when calling their neighbor.

I think this feature would be easy to implement for the DLink team while also be very useful to the community.Anyone agree?
Title: Re: *New Feature Request* - Send User Defined String After Entering VOIP Mode
Post by: someoneelse on July 31, 2009, 08:51:58 PM
For people you call often, you can download a program to add the speed dial codes into skype. That way the process of calling is shorter. ##{speed dial number} * I don't know of any limit to the number to speed dial number you can have.

I downloaded it here:
http://ops.attix5.com/downloads/danie/SkypeSpeeddial.zip (http://ops.attix5.com/downloads/danie/SkypeSpeeddial.zip)

You will need to unzip it.

While this does not really address the issue. It is a bandade for the problem. I would also like to add 911 information to the device/program/driver. If we could make any changes I think that would be helpful.