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Title: DIY - Modify Static Route for LAN to LAN
Post by: FurryNutz on May 13, 2014, 11:33:40 AM
NOTE: This is not officially supported by D-Link. D-Link reserves the LAN to LAN routing feature for use with higher end router products. If you need LAN to LAN routing, we recommend phone contacting your regional D-Link support office to find out which router models they support for LAN to LAN routing.

1. Install firebug add-on for Firefox browser.

2. Load the static routing page in Firefox.

3. Right click on the WAN drop list (there should have been LAN here as well) and select Inspect Element.

4. This line will appear in the firebug window:
[ + ] <select style="width: 90px;" id="interface0" name="interface0">

5. Press the [ + ] so you can see this:
<option default="true" value="WAN">WAN</option></select>

6. Change <option default="true" value="WAN">WAN</option></select> to this:
<option default="true" value="LAN">LAN</option></select>

7. Now press 'save settings' in the router web page. Done.

8. Power cycle the router, then open the routers web page and navigate to the Routing page, right click on the page, left click on view page source, scroll down and look up this line:
<input type="hidden" id="static_routing_00" name="static_routing_00" value="1/xxxname/192.168.xxx.x/">
As you can see there's LAN written there, not WAN.

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