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Title: DNS-325 - Seagate HDD Issue
Post by: 888 on April 28, 2014, 09:29:13 AM
Hi All,

Please help here, I have had a seagate 4tb model ST4000DM000 installed in the dns-325 for some time.
I decided to purchase a new one exactly the same and on installing it a red led comes on. It reads it sometimes when using the interface then as soon as I hit format standard it reboots the DNS-325.
Please any help here would be highly appreciated. Is it a corrupt hdd or just the firmware kicking it out. Although I have installed only that drive and same thing the it shows a red led.
Title: Re: DNS-325 - Seagate HDD Issue
Post by: cable2 on April 29, 2014, 06:57:48 AM
Since you already tried installing just the new drive, I would suggest trying to connect it directly to a windows machine, delete any partitions / volumes and then try partitioning and format, not quick format, on the windows machine.  If you get that far, without errors or problems, try deleting the partitions and volumes again and reinstall this single drive in your NAS.  I think you may have a bad drive, but most manufactures will ask you to run their diagnostic software to confirm before doing an RMA. If the drive is bad try returning it to the vendor asap as they will give you another new drive, it's refurb with the manufacturer.  Good luck.