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Title: Web UI says "Volume_1 is full" with 2.75GB, but Windows only shows 2.3GB used
Post by: Blaq on October 04, 2018, 02:06:31 PM
My NAs says it's full but, before I start deleting files, there's a 400 GB discrepancy which I'd like to investigate. (Hopefully, I can reclaim some of that 400 GB instead of deleting files.)

The web UI shows:

Volume Name   Volume_1
Volume Type   RAID 1
Sync Time Remaining   
Total Hard Drive Capacity   2748.19 GB
Used Space   2748.19 GB
Unused Space   0 MB

But Windows (specifically, TreeSizeFree scanning the Volume_1 share) shows only 2.33 GB is used.

I have SSH access to the NAS. How can I find the missing 400 GB?