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Title: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: ph0enix on September 29, 2012, 06:25:49 AM
I would like to narrow down the issue with the DIR-685 DHCP Server, and I believe the DNS Relay setting in Network Setup is the problem. I'm just going to post out on what I've found for anyone that is interested to try out.

After finally getting the chance to test the router, and the first thing I done was connecting my laptop without a static I.P letting the DHCP server to allocate the I.P. But as usual it will allocate a random one, which isn't in the DHCP table. This will only happen to people if they leave the router for more than 24 hours. So if I enable an static I.P within the DHCP table it works like a charm, but I don't like to set the static I.P manually everytime I decide to connect to a D-Link router. But if I disable the static and assign the DNS to the router, I have connection to the router? But it will just provide an random I.P outside the DHCP table, which would prevent me connecting on to the internet. As I kept toggling settings, I wondered what would happen with disabling the DNS Relay. After disabling the DNS relay I put auto I.P and within a few moment, the out of range DHCP was corrected.

The DNS Relay is a method of caching DNS queries, to shorting down response time. But I think that the memory allocated gets full and effects the DHCP server? Anyone can shed some light on this. or perhaps test this out? But I don't know how long the effect are, or whether it just cleared the cache, as I just done the test now.

This problem effect me and my friend (on a different D-Link model), and I would like to know why.

FurryNutz: Not sure why you locked the thread, but started a new one.... The reason that I don't speak to D-Link themselves is due to not having the product with me, I work away from home. And I want to narrow  the issue before I speak to them. This test would help if any other users that is effected by this can help

With the DNS Relay Off, it will automatically disable the "Advanced DNS Service" (Found in Internet Setup) which could also be causing the issue.

So far all my mobile devices now works without static I.P, I'm going to leave this here.....though I wish I've figured this out earlier, didn't think the relay was useless.




Virgin Media DNS servers:

Ping is now lower 20 ms (DNS Relay OFF) compared to 35 ms (DNS Relay ON)

Update: Next Day (Est. 20 Hours with DNS Relay off and no reboot)
While my mobile device was still connected to the WiFi over night, the connection was fine. But then I decided to turn the WiFi off and on, the mobile had trouble obtaining I.P address again :'(. Didn't help I forgot to get the log setting on, but not sure if it was a fair test consider the DHCP Server was on for 10 days. Turning the DNS Relay off didn't rebooted the router, so I figure I change the internet setup, dynamic IP and input the DNS Server manually.
Primary DNS Address :
Secondary DNS Address :
MTU : 1500

Will give the router an full shut down, and ask my brother to continue monitoring the router. As I'm away in the weekdays... but toggling the DNS Relay seems to clear the cache needed for the DHCP to function again.

Anyway if anyone can help do the following:


Title: Re: Solution for the DHCP IP Address Allocation
Post by: FurryNutz on September 30, 2012, 05:55:51 PM
You can also input manual custom DNS addresses under Setup/Internet/Manual.
Title: Re: Solution for the DHCP IP Address Allocation
Post by: ph0enix on October 01, 2012, 01:31:14 AM
FurryNutz: Yup all inputted, within the Internet Setup. The ping is much lower now, but after 6 hours yesterday evening with the manual DNS Server and reboots. Several mobile devices could not obtain I.P addresses, I've checked the log. It does not even detect anything... nothing. Manually putting the static I.P it works, toggling the DNS Relay actually helps kicking the DHCP to work. But that is the only way to get the DHCP working, my friend router the same. So he reverted back to static I.P.... is kinda un-reliable toggling the DNS Relay.

Update: Rename topic name, not a solution. But a temp solution without restarting......
Wired devices detect fine (90% at the time), but Wireless has alot of issue with the DHCP.

Will test out again next weekend....... ???
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: FurryNutz on October 01, 2012, 08:24:54 AM
You setting static on the devices or reserving them on the router?
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: ph0enix on October 01, 2012, 12:00:20 PM
I've reserved 24 devices on the router, DHCP server start from

With the DHCP not allocating the device to the static I.P address I've assigned on the router, I have to manually set each of the devices with static I.P to get it working. Logs doesn't state any connection attempt for obtaining I.P. for the devices I've used, probably why I've turned it off long ago.

When the DHCP is working and the device is connected (With auto-assign I.P) it will continue to work. But when I need to reconnect the device after several hours of uptime, the router will stop providing the device with an I.P address. On mobile devices it will not provide a I.P address, on laptops it would just provide an I.P outside the DHCP table.

I would like to just set the I.P on the router and all my devices on auto-assign. Reason I need reserving I.P on the router, for port forwarding and drive map.

Hope that explain more about the situation....
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: FurryNutz on October 01, 2012, 12:12:37 PM
Have you tried a clean factory reset and set up the router from scratch with only reserving say maybe 10 reservations? I'm wondering if the amount of reservations is a cause of this.

I might go back and do a clean factory reset, load the save version or maybe down grade to v2.00 FW, factory reset once more then set up from scratch. Don't load any saved configuration files. Need to try and rule out any configuration issues here if possible.

Do you need all of the 24 devices set up in reservations? Are they all online at the same time? I know it's preferred here however in troubleshooting, we need to see if we can narrow down the root cause if we can. So if you can input say 10 reservations for the higher priority devices needing to be online, and lets leave OFF the others while your testing if you can. Let the lower priority devices get a auto DHCP assigned address. See now this does. Maybe graduate adding a few at a time initially.

Reason for mentioning downgrading FW is that v2.01 only has a WPS fix which wouldn't effect any thing and really isn't needed unless you really use WPS. I recommend disabling WPS if your don't use it anyways.

Let us know...
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: ph0enix on October 01, 2012, 03:14:46 PM
I've done multiple factory reset, have yet to figure this one out. But I have the WPS disabled anyway, the Firmware 2.02 contains the WPS fix, here the full release note.

DIR-685 Firmware Release Notes
Firmware: FW v2.02
Hardware: Rev.A1
Date: 2012/01/18

Problems Resolved:
Enhance WPS-PIN security concern

Firmware: FW v2.01B02
Hardware: Rev.A1
Date: 2010/11/30

Problems Resolved:
Closed a publicly disclosed potential vulnerability

Firmware: FW v2.00
Hardware: Rev.A1
Date: 2010/03/29

Problems Resolved:
1.   Fix Frame Channel reset channel binding issue based on Frame Channel’s changes on this feature algorithm.
2.   Fix HNAP test tool fail on item WlanRadios
3.   Fix WoL failures on PPPoE mode.
4.   Improve multicast streaming application in Singapore.
5.   The SPI (Xmas attack) will drop some packets which are not attacks.
6.   The USB quick unplug/plug will cause the device reboot

1.  Add DLNA functions- Media server, media controller and media renderer.
2.  Allow the user to change the setting of the SAMBA workgroup
3.  Add new photos display service channel –Microsoft “frameit”
4.  Support SAMBA share name support in open mode.
5.  Add the Frame Channel’s new authentication method.

Known Issues:
1.  When user changed the device login password, the user cannot log out to test if the new password
    is working properly. Need to wait until the device times out. This will be improved in next release.

Firmware: FW v1.01
Hardware: Rev.A1
Date: 2009/08/10

Problems Resolved:
1.  Redirect to Blocking web page when access website is blocked by website filter.
2.  Change the panel clock format from 24 to 12 am/pm.
3.  This version cannot be downgraded to previous version.

Enhancements: .
1.  Support Advanced DNS Service
2.  SharePort utility only supports PC SharePort Utility v1.10 and MacOS SharePort Utility v1.10.

Firmware: FW v1.00
Hardware: Rev.A1
Date: 2009/04/07

Problems Resolved:
N/A. (First Firmware Release)

The DIR-815 has firmware version 1.00 with the similar bug. Though there is a DHCP reservation fix with firmware 1.01b14 patch 03 date: 2011/12/7, will have to ask my friend to install this firmware but he has his doubts.

DIR-815 Release Note
Firmware: DIR815A1_FW103b01.bin
Date: 2012/03/09
1. Change band width default from HT20 to HT20/40 auto.
2. Formal release for lab-in.

Firmware: DIR815A1_FW102patch03b06.bin
Date: 2012/03/09

1. 1.remote access loopback issue.remove web server bind interface on wan interface.
2. virtual server and port forward loopback issue.the rule leak newline.

Firmware: DIR815A1_FW102patch02b06.bin
Date: 2012/02/23

1. To fix a bug for that a strange STA(DWA-133) make us to calculate wrong data rate when coexistence function is enabled and we need to fall back to 20MHz.

Firmware: DIR815A1_FW102patch01b06.bin
Date: 2012/02/14

1.when opening schedule menu with Safari browser, then the Safari displays a page with HTML script.
2. enable/disable QOS engine show some error message, the setting can not be saved.

Firmware: DIR815A1_FW102b06.bin
Date: 2012/01/19

1. Fix pin lock function fail after doing PBC success.

Firmware: DIR815A1_FW102b05.bin
Date: 2012/01/17

2. match dlink behavior.

Firmware: DIR815A1_FW102b03.bin/ DIR815A1_FW102b04.bin
Date: 2012/01/17
1. this version should be ignore.(have some issue.)

Firmware: DIR815A1_FW102b02.bin
Date: 2012/01/16

1.When user WPS is configured after upgrade new F/W ,the PIN lock should be enabled.

Firmware: DIR815A1_FW102b01.bin
Date: 2012/01/13

1.WPS pin lock from dlink request.

Firmware: DIR815A1_FW101b14_ patch03.bin
Date: 2011/12/7

1. Fix DHCP reservation issue.

Firmware: DIR815A1_FW101b14_ patch02.bin
Date: 2011/08/3

1. After the PPP on demand mode idle timeout trigger IP down, the LAN PC can’t trigger PPP dial via broswer. Web will show 404 error page.

Firmware: DIR815A1_FW101b14_ patch01.bin
Date: 2011/07/29

2. After setup the PPPoE connection over Setup Wizard the Reconnect Mode is Always on.Please set to On demand and the Maximum Idle Time to 5 minutes.
3. It is not possible to set the DHCP Server range to offer only one IP, e.g. range = 22 – 22 Else I get the error message that the Start IP address has to be shorter than the End IP address.
4. Remote Management doesn’t work when try to connect with DynDNS address.
5. After setup the PPPoE internet connection over the DCC the Reconnect Mode is On demand
6. Language Pack issues(extend language mtd size to 128K,and merge IPV6 string from DIR-645)

Firmware: DIR815A1_FW101b14.bin
Date: 2011/05/12

7. Fix ipv6 wizard issue with static ip.
8. Fix ipv6 autodetect bug and static have two ip issue.

Firmware: DIR815A1_FW101b13.bin
Date: 2011/05/11

1. SLACC &DHCPv6 rdnss, PC can not get ip.
2. Fix issue that user can set link-local address in LAN.

Firmware: DIR815A1_FW101b12.bin
Date: 2011/05/10

1. PPPoE shared mode PC can not get ip.
2. Wizard cannot work.

Firmware: DIR815A1_FW101b11.bin
Date: 2011/05/06

3. Fix error checking on IPv6 page.

Firmware: DIR815A1_FW101b10.bin
Date: 2011/05/06

4. Update setting page about IPv6 follow DLINK spec.

Firmware: DIR815A1_FW101b09.bin
Date: 2011/04/22

1.Follow DLINK F/W naming rule.
2. Add RUSSIA pptp and RUSSIA pppoe back
3. fix 404 error page contrack cache issue.

Firmware: dir815_v1.01b08_patch01_b4fb_beta.bin (Beta to support)
Date: 2011/04/15

1. Beta to support to fix bug pptp server ip address can’t enter more than 15 character

Firmware: dir815_v1.01b08_patch01_b3se.bin (Beta to support)
Date: 2011/03/28

1. Fix bug: When port scanning on port 0 and 1 in PPPOE mode, our status is CLOSED instead of STEALTH

Firmware: dir815_v1.01b07_b2pg.bin
Date: 2011/02/25

1. Add syslog feature.

Firmware: dir815_v1.01b06_b1qi.bin
Date: 2011/01/26

2. Fix : pptp l2tp not work with some servers
3. Fix : UPnP messages cannot be handled correctly when smart404 is enabled
4. Fix : google browser can’t upload language pack

Firmware: dir815_v1.01b05_abia.bin
Date: 2010/11/18

1. The 2.4G mac as wan mac.Let the 5G and 2.4G have different mac.
2. Fix the PS3 dhcp client cause the dhcp server panic.

Firmware: dir815_v1.01b04_abch.bin
Date: 2010/11/12

1. Fix wlan 5g led error.(also issue on previous version No,345)
2. Correct 404 error page style(No.347)
3. The NETWORKING PAGE will error when the LAN PC have wide character hostname.
4. WAN dhcp mode fail with ZIPB adsl modem.
5. Port forwarding rule fallow DLINK US request.
6. UPNP IGD sometimes function fail.(No.350)
7. Remove the Russia PPTP and PPPoE ,that dlink PP request.
8. Do not save password when the config backup(dlink request).
Buglist fixed:
No: 351,334,320,319,318,317,239

Firmware: dir815_v1.01b03_ab1k.bin
Date: 2010/11/01

9. Fix wlan 5g led error.
10. Add smart 404 function.
11. Fix web bug no.1,6,7 from US DLink.( “DIR-815 A1 1.00 A7EE” file).
12. Add radius server default port.
13. Fix hnap bug for DCC.
14. Support IPv6 DNS and resolv.
15. Add 6rd-relay_prefix in 6rd command.
16. Set global ipv6 address to ppp interface.

Firmware: dir815_v1.01_a8pe.bin
Date: 2010/08/25

1. TCP mss adjust fail.(the fast net cause this issue)
2. Fix the ppp dial on demand function fail.(a8kf fix NO.8 side effect)

Reject issue:
1. The wireless IOT issue with Atheros chips [DWA-645] ? is normal in RD side test.

Firmware: dir815_v1.01_a8kf.bin
Date: 2010/08/20

Note: Change version from 1.00 to 1.01

2. Fix the bt 100M test.(enable Fastnat)
3. manual dns entry doesn't work.
4. cannot remove ip of lan when changing mode from 6rd to others.
5. press wps, disable wifi, wps light still blinks. after win7 (upnp), wps light doesn't blink.
6. Redirect the blocket website to blacked information page.
7. Fix the UI that can not be selected tkip when n only mode.
8. Fix sometime the forward is error when ip up.(lan PC continue ping ,change the wan ip ,sometime the ping response will fail.)
9. Clone PC's MAC address in DHCP mode failed at Internet Wizard.
10. add Firmware External Revision : V1.01bxx in hidden page

Firmware: dir815_v1.00_a86b.bin
Date: 2010/08/06

1. Fix 6rd and 6to4 tunnel can not works because leak firewall accept rule.
2. Fix the default time zone as +8:00 taipei

Firmware: dir815_v1.00_a83m.bin
Date: 2010/08/03

3. LAN page can’t save setting.
4. Wlan page can’t disable 2.4G & 5G mode.
5. 2.4G N-only WPA2-PSK-AES Chaiort Test RXtoLAN will Disconnect(No299).
6. Hidden page bug about language package.
7. Helpful hints have some error word from lab.

I won't be able to do a full test, on my router till the weekend. Thinking of upgrading the DIR-685 firmware to the latest 2.02WW, and do what I normally do with all firmware ....restart and input my data from scratch. I doubt it's the amount of DHCP reservation .......my friend has 10 reservation on his DIR-815. Will let you know how it goes with the new firmware. Can't wait 6 hours for each devices added on the DHCP. Will just add less than 5 reservation, and see if it appears.

This issue doesn't effect all his wireless devices, there are 4 devices that are immune to this issue.

LAN connected desktop is 90% fine, but LAN connect 360 and HP Printer needs static. All wireless devices has obtaining I.P issues, but then sometimes it may work. My brother had alerted me that his mobile device connection is working, but yesterday at 6pm it did not.

Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: FurryNutz on October 02, 2012, 07:07:25 AM
If your seeing this on the 815 as well, might need to see if something on the line maybe causing it.

I would also contact D-Link support, level 2 maybe and see if they can take a look at this. I would also see if this problem follows by taking the 815 to a different location, say a friend or nieghbors and let them run it for say a few days and see if the problem crops up. If so then you'll know there is an issue with the router. If, not then maybe something with in your system.

Im debating on buying a 685 from fleabay or not to see if this issue is across this product line.
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: ph0enix on October 02, 2012, 11:52:12 AM
Hmm not sure what you mean about moving it on a different line, as in a different ISP service? Well that's alot of downtime and hassle with my friends, but currently the DIR-685 and the DIR-815 is atleast 13 miles away from each other. I'm 100% sure it's not our systems, cause the issues happens with the Xbox 360 console, and mobile phones. It seems that you have a similar internet set-up, if you do get one you can test it out as well  ::). Though what's level 2 D-Link support?
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: FurryNutz on October 02, 2012, 12:14:53 PM
Yes, if you have a spare to help you out that is while the 685 is located differently.

I presume this could be a FW issue. Just trying to see if the problem follows if you take the router to a different location.

Ya, I'm thinking about getting one, not sure if I wanna keep it full time.

Level 2 should be more experienced support people. They should be able to delve farther in to problems with out the usually, lets factory reset and configure from there. We know thats already done.

I think unfortuneately, getting any more FW help is going to be limited or none since this unit has gone EOL.

It would be good if you can to get a different model router and see. Another DIR series? Get one from a place that has a return policy.

Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: ph0enix on October 03, 2012, 03:55:42 PM
Will update the router on the latest firmware, and see what will happens.... :-\. Not sure having a different router would make any different, seems like a firmware glitch/bug. Good luck on finding a decent DIR-685 on eBay, there is a brand new one from Belgium that's going cheap.
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: FurryNutz on October 03, 2012, 03:57:55 PM
Ya I see a few on there. Need to get one thats an NA region. I would try a different router as a test though.

Keep us posted.  ;)
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: FurryNutz on October 03, 2012, 04:11:45 PM
ok Just ordered one off Amazon for $73 including shipping. Supposed to arrive Friday.

I guess we'll see...

What is the internal drive connection? IDE or SATA?
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: ph0enix on October 04, 2012, 01:46:25 AM
You got it for $73  :o Refurbished?

Connection is SATA 2, you may want to get a extender cable to avoid it getting it too loud.
http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=39462.0 (http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=39462.0)

The fan kicks in more with the HDD enclosed due to the heat building up, but it's fine anyway if you don't just live with the noise.
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: FurryNutz on October 04, 2012, 07:04:25 AM

Well will see, it will be in a office in the back of the house where I don't visit much so noise may not be a factor. I'll plug in a 250Gb or 320Gb Laptop HDD and see how it works.

There a picture of what the router looks like with the extension connected?
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: FurryNutz on October 05, 2012, 03:11:48 PM
My thats a dinky little router. Wow. The pictures are misleading for sure.  ::)
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: ph0enix on October 06, 2012, 06:14:37 AM
I don't think it's that big, I've seen routers that are bigger, example a Draytek Vigor....... They are HUGE! Though the SATA connection cable does look abit messy, but the fan kicks in less.


Firmware Filename: DIR685_FW202b02.bin
Firmware Version : 2.02 ,  Fri 20 Jan 2012

Internet Setup

Wireless Setup
Network Setup

Left the rest on default, at the moment. The ping currently is about 16ms, but I think it's due to the QOS turned off?I've kept the DNS relay on, and decided not to change the router I.P address from >

Overall the network is fine for now.... but I forgot to bring my devices.
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: FurryNutz on October 06, 2012, 10:28:24 AM
So my observations so far:

1. I notice that when reserving IP addresses, after select and have the information auto fill in and if you change the address, say the last number and save the setting, the actual IP addresses reserved doesn't show up on the device.  >:( I have my Mac Book Pro set for .104 and .105 for wireless and wired connections. Those addresses don't show up after reboot of both. The Mac gets a different address. Is this the issue we all are seeing? Or different? Ok never mind, LOL. I'm used to having the rules automatically apply and be enabled with other routers. I see that you have to check mark the rule, then save to enable it.  ::) I'll keep adding rules, I've only got about 10 right now.

2. I can only seem to achieve 54Mb wireless connection using single mode N, WPA2 only and AES/PSK.  :-\ WPS is disabled. So after playing around with it a bit more and turning off my other APs, I'm getting 130Mb now on single mode N. However noticing that the MBP keeps disconnecting here and there during my initial connections on Mixed G and N. Will see if this stabilizes. Seemed odd that the Mac was having problems connecting.  :-\

3. After installing a 250Gb HDD after a pre-configuration out of the box yesterday, the UI reported that NO drive was found. Does the drive need to be pre-formatted first or can the router format the drive?

4. Play several hours last on on MW3, OPEN NAT and full bars. Had a good time.

5. I heard the fan come on and cycle when I powered on the router or did a reboot. I guess I'll hear more about this when I get the HDD going correctly?

DNS Relay and QoS and Firewall settings are default. Only set WAN port speed to manual 1000Mb since my ISP modem handles that.

Other than some of the items mentioned. Router is doing ok.
Should I upgrade FW?

Glad you seem to be having better results after a factory reset. Keep us posted.
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: FurryNutz on October 06, 2012, 12:46:58 PM
I got a 250Gb drive to work, finally. Might have been one of the drives I was using, so I swapped for a different one. I formatted for NTFS before I installed it. Router said it found a new drive. I skipped the EXT3 format.
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: FurryNutz on October 06, 2012, 02:28:50 PM
Now I can't get that same 250Gb drive to be recognized. WTH.

Update: figured it out. The drives are sliding in under the connector. There so thin, it's missing the connection. Have to lay the router almost on its face then the drive slides in and connect correctly. Guess that extension cable comes in handy.  ::)
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: ph0enix on October 06, 2012, 06:08:05 PM
Sounds like you going up and down the the DIR-685  :-\, I realise that the default WPA2 setting encryption was set as TKIP. Which actually force all connection type to 'G' speed 54mb, putting at AES Cipher Type will resolve all 'N' devices.  ::) This should be highlighted in the settings.......

Hmm about the sliding HDD within the router, I tried multiple HDD different manufacture and disk size didn't came across the issue you're having. But having a SATA extender is much easier to remove and mount the drive, reducing heat is always my top list cause it the router and HDD can last longer in the long term.

The QOS is turned off by default on the WW firmware... guessing the NA firmware is enabled. At the moment the devices are connecting fine, but time will tell.

Oh to improve your 'N' speed have you tried toggling the Short Guard Interval? and change the channel width to auto?

I decided not to enable the Short Guard Interval on my setting to check for stability...

What firmware does your NA router has?
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: FurryNutz on October 07, 2012, 09:11:32 AM
Ya I set up Auto 20/40 and AES/PSK/ I'm at 130Mb on my mac. Its defaulted to Short GI. Should I try Long Preamble?

QoS is not enabled from what I can tell, or just the LAN Eliminated option and the speed settings are disabled and not checked.

Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: ph0enix on October 07, 2012, 11:45:50 AM
Well the QoS is useless, I've tried it. Cause the available drop down does not have 3mbps upload, goes by ^2 . If you decide to use the QoS remember to leave the Download to 'Full' due to that your ISP will handle in download from their side, QoS is used to manage your own bandwidth to your provided ISP speed.

The Long Preamble should do nothing, it's more to do with error correction. Higher bandwidth for  'N' would be the Short Interval Guard, which is default 'disabled' on my firmware. So can't think of anything that you could do on your Mac, though I'm currently connected 270mbps with Short Interval Guard disabled. Have yet to test it with it on, going to test it out next weekend if I'm not busy. You could try updating the firmware to the latest... but as you may know it's just a chance.
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: FurryNutz on October 07, 2012, 03:15:19 PM
So I notice an odd behavior, after coming back home from brunch today, I could not get any Internet on my Mac. ZERO. I had to restart the 685. Also noticed that a Dell PC that I did a fresh install of windows 7 on would not correctly detect or get an IP address. I had to input a static to get anything. I swapped out the 685 and installed my 857 and boom, got IP and internet on the dell and Mac was working with out any static IPs.

Very odd behavior. I'll come back to the 685 later on in the week. Ya set for 4Mb Uplink since i have 2 from my ISP. Seems to work ok. Haven't done much beyond that.

Ya, I think there is something not right about the DHCP services.  :-\
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: ph0enix on October 08, 2012, 08:23:51 AM
 ::) so it's not just a handful of router, seems like a firmware bug.
Latest NA firmware is 2.01, dated same time as WW version.
http://tsd.dlink.com.tw/temp/PMD/9245/DIR-685A1_FW201NA_Release%20Notes.pdf (http://tsd.dlink.com.tw/temp/PMD/9245/DIR-685A1_FW201NA_Release%20Notes.pdf)

Though got to admit you did bought the router very cheap  :-\ unfair... :'(, this router does have lot of potential with the features it has. But sadly I believe D-Link gave up abit too early..... ah well. But the DHCP is kinda essential....

At the moment my router seems to handle DHCP just fine....... though I give it a few days. But then my brother don't do alot of checks.

I hope that they did corrected the DHCP but forgets to write in the changelog...is that possible?

Your ISP requires you to use QoS? hmm that's an odd request from the ISP
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: FurryNutz on October 08, 2012, 08:49:09 AM
Ok might try that again this coming weekend. I took the 685 offline cuz it's not reliable at the moment and need good connectivity during the week.

Possible they might have fixed it and didn't update the release notes. I hope they did correct it at least. Not good behavior for a router.  ::)

My ISP doesn't require me to use QoS. I only use it for XBL for gaming. I wanted to test this router with it OFF to see how gaming was. I'll test it again this coming weekend after updating FW and turning QoS ON. I have a 50/2 ISP service.

Well, maybe I hope we might have resolved your problems. I hope. Keep us posted.
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: FurryNutz on October 08, 2012, 01:34:38 PM
I meant to ask if the HDD is hot PnP? I presume it is as it says I can eject the HDD after it's dis-mounted it. Just want to confirm this with out having to unplug the router each time.

I did load some video files on it and it did seem to play DVD files on my windows 7 box using MP. Will see how boxee box does with it.  ::)

Well, I'm hoping that v2.00 or .01 helps the DHCP and reservations. Thats the only real concern I have with it. Other then that and the wireless seems a bit funny, the router does pretty good.

I'll try v2.01 this weekend or this week if I get a chance.
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: ph0enix on October 09, 2012, 01:26:04 AM
Once you press the HDD dismounting button, the router will state that the un-mounting has been successful, at this point you eject it with the sliding lever on the router, for me....I just yank the SATA extender out.

I would like to help identifying this DHCP problem, but I've been stump for ages. Cause I believe it may appear later on, overall it's a nice router. But I have annoyed my friend with my recommendation so far, will have to sort his router out later.
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: FurryNutz on October 09, 2012, 01:03:04 PM
He has the same model router?
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: ph0enix on October 11, 2012, 01:16:43 AM
Nope just a DIR-815, just that I've recommended him D-Link over his choice of Netgear.  ::)
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: FurryNutz on October 11, 2012, 07:01:27 AM
I just helped a guy in Romania with his 815. Working well now for him.
http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=49336.0 (http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=49336.0)
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: ph0enix on October 11, 2012, 04:07:56 PM
Connection Up Time :    4 Days, 06:14:51

has been passed with the firmware update to 2.02, there are 8 devices that connects to the router. DHCP seems to allocate I.P correctly, the DIR-815 has similar issue with the DIR-685. Does not log any attempt of connection, and provides an non allocated I.P. The other topic, is that his router always provide him a new I.P allocation due to believing it's a new MAC address which is not.

So far the DHCP seems to be okay, though then again I just got home.
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: FurryNutz on October 11, 2012, 06:50:05 PM
Now what happens if you reserve the IP addresses for the devices ON the router?
I loaded v2.01 as v2.02 is only a WPS PIN fix. I'll test it out this weekend.
Hopefully the 685 will be stable on v2.0x. I do like the features it has.

Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: ph0enix on October 12, 2012, 04:27:01 PM
I'm not sure if there is an 2.02 NA version, the latest is 2.01. If you have a WW router, then the 2.01 firmware still has the bug. Though the NA and WW are different in terms of development.... so far the router seems okay. Only applied 3 I.P reservation, and need to check that it has actually been fixed before I go crazy adding more I.P. But happy overall leaving as it is...as I played around with the routers settings so many time.  ::
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: FurryNutz on October 12, 2012, 06:46:47 PM
Ok well, v2.01 is loaded, I have 1 IP reservation right now. Will add more as time goes one. I have the 685 online now for the weekend.
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: FurryNutz on October 12, 2012, 10:00:39 PM
Ya, trying to get my Iphone to connect is not happening. Even thru a wired AP, it's not getting any address. I think the DHCP server goes to sleep and doesn't wake up when something comes on line to get an IP address.  :-\

Seems to be not very seamless when connecting. I see why there is a problem. Oy vay.
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: FurryNutz on October 13, 2012, 01:11:10 PM
So my other PC connection would not connect this morning. I had to restart the router to get the device to get an ip address. So I removed all IP address reservations and turned on a different PC and they are now getting IP addresses. I had about 6 loaded last nite. Not the ones I want them to have, however they are getting addressing and internet. I presume there is a problem with IP reservations and the DHCP server. Other than this, the router is running pretty good. I'm going to leave off any reservations and will probably have to remember that this router can't do reservations at all. I tried last night and one time my Mac Book Pro would get the IP address I reserved for it, then after another reboot of the router and LT, the LT got something different. The reservations are not holding well and seem that is preventing other devices from getting any DHCP IP addresses if reservations are enabled. I could not get my iPhone 4s to connect at all last nite. Definitely a bug that, unfortunately won't be fixed.

So I think from now on, for any one with this router, use DHCP automatic IP addressing if your running it as a main host router.

Eventually mine will become a AP/NAS I think.  I do like the fact that it seems to support any size drive. I have a 320Gb installed now. I did watch a movie from it connected in AP mode to my DIR-857 and streamed the movie over 5Ghz to my Mac Book Pro so it seems to handle videos and streaming just fine.

I did game on MW3 pretty good last nite. No issues. Did a speedtest today and all it at my paid ISP limits.

I think other than the DHCP reservation thing, it's a pretty good little router. Is a shame that it didn't get any more or enough FW development and QC attention. This problem should have been caught early on.

Well, been a learning experience and for $80 bucks, it's a ok investment. The unit is still usable and works.

For those needing IP reservations, I'll recommend finding a different model DIR series as you should now know, the DIR-685 is EOL. Time to move on.  :'(

I'll let the 685 run over the weekend and see how it does using DHCP only.

Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: ph0enix on October 13, 2012, 04:05:06 PM
Well atleast it's not just me  ::), will try avoid DHCP reservation. Though my local LAN that has I.P reservation are doing just fine.... I hope

But the issue will arise after several hours, so even if you reboot the router the problem will arise later. Do you have a NA (North America) hardware?

Yes I'm in your situation, that I do like the features it has .. 1Gb ports on all available ports, any SATA 2.5 HDD, built-in Torrent Client. But the lacking QOS and DHCP support are kinda a let down...
Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: FurryNutz on October 15, 2012, 01:27:04 PM
Ya, wish they had done more on DHCP and QoS. Oh well. Does make nice NAS box I guess.

I've kept it online since friday. Been working well since I removed the reservations. No other issues seen.

I think we'll have to close this an theres isn't much else left to do.

Hope yours works out well. Keep us posted if you have any other issues. Let us know about your friends DIR-815. Maybe we can help with that. Thats a fairly new product so if there is any problems, please post over on the DIR-825 forum and we'll help out.

Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue
Post by: ph0enix on December 19, 2012, 02:06:51 AM
Update - DHCP Working  :)
Manage to update my friend router, the DHCP issue seems to be resolved. The router uptime was on for a week, yet it is capable of handling DHCP allocation correctly. I notice a minor bug on the DIR-815. If you pre-set the DNS Servers you will have two set of DNS servers for your devices.... 4 DNS servers of the same primary and secondary DNS servers repeated.

Other than that the routers are working as it should be, below is the firmware that I've used.

Title: Re: DHCP IP Address Allocation Issue (RESOLVED)
Post by: FurryNutz on December 19, 2012, 07:20:41 AM
Glad you got it working. If you have any DNS problems, Please post in the DIR-825 forum regarding this issue and phone contact DLink support so they are made aware of it. Please also post your 815 experiences there too so others will know. I added the link for the v1.03 there as well.