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Hello, i'm from Indonesia. Bought the DCS2630L in eBay.

So tried installing, without any problems until the last part: linking the camera to cloud, to my dlink account. It returned an error: BINDERRO12.

Called tech support. Problem is: item is not suitable / for use outside US (which is absurd). Gave me a workaround, that is to open port 80 on my router. Tried and didn't work.

1. Will this restriction be lifted sometime in the future?
2. Can i get a refund based on this situatiin?
3. Any other solutions?

Need help, thanks in advance


So what did you do?  I'm not sure you set up port forwarding correctly.

Are you using a phone to try to access the camera?

What region are you located?

please, I've the same problem.

I've installed a DCS-2630L. It works well but I can't link it to mydlink. Please can help me?
When I try to link it to cloud through mydlink lite returns BINDERR12.

please help me?

What region are you located?
Only thing I can think of is that you didn't set a PW for the camera during setting.


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