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Author Topic: RAID1 Configuration - Disk Replacement  (Read 4162 times)


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RAID1 Configuration - Disk Replacement
« on: July 07, 2019, 06:15:33 PM »

Hi all,
I have a DNS-343 A1, V1.05 with 4 1.5TB Baracuda disks. I was running two RAID1 configurations. Volume_1 with Disk 1 and 2, and Volume_ with Disk 3 and 4.
Disk 1 failed. So I was planning to replace it. From previous experiences, I learned that the NAS UI is bogus and that it re-formats the wrong disks. So I removed all the disks, inserted the new Disk1, and formatted it. Then I inserted Disk2 and was hoping it would recognize the old configuration, but of course, it did not. Now, Disk2 died as well. So I am thinking I am just restoring the backup for Volume_1 onto a single disk an call it a day. Luckily I do have a backup on another NAS.
So now I have Volume_1 with a single Disk1, with fun_plug.

Then I inserted Diks3 and Disk4 and they are no longer recognized and the UI askes me to format them as well. I  press skip. I log into the fun-plug shell, and with mdadm --assemple --scan I can rebuild and then mount /dev/md1. And it has all the files from that second RAID. However, the NAS UI still does not know anything about it and it is not accessible as the prior Voulme_2. What do I need to do to get this second Volume back the way it was?

Thanks, thm.