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Author Topic: Kinda frustrated with these cameras....  (Read 1862 times)


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Kinda frustrated with these cameras....
« on: June 14, 2018, 06:19:59 AM »

Hello all

I've had a DLink camera (930L) for a few years now and it works great. I wanted to expand and upgrade my security system so I bought a new DCS-936L a few weeks ago. While I love the image quality, I cannot get it to motion detect on a schedule. I have removed and installed the camera from scratch now twice.

No matter what settings I use, the camera always defaults back to motion detection "always active". This means that I am getting motion detection emails all the time. My older camera only sends me notifications during my scheduled timings.

I find that because these cameras can be configured with basic settings (blue page), advanced settings (orange pages) and through the phone app, that settings may conflict with each other. I've noticed too that if I set certain preferences on the advanced settings page, they will be configured differently on the basic settings page once I exit out of advanced settings.

Other times, if something is not set in basic settings, then you will be prompted to set it in advanced settings before it will work and vice-versa.

The camera will push snapshots to me during my schedule times (as it should) but still sends me motion detected notifications 24/7 because of the "always active" setting that won't go away.

I'm frustrated because I just bought a second 936L yesterday and I feel it will be same with that camera too. Is there an unknown issue with the latest firmware?

I'm hoping that once I start using my DNR-202L, the motion detection and recording settings will be handled by the network recorder and not the individual cameras, meaning these issues should cease. Maybe.

Edit: Read through a ton of motion detection issue threads just now, and it seems there are two common themes: "DLink is working on it, please be patient" (from a year+ ago)...and those threads are all locked. Issue still not fixed. Makes me regret my purchase(s) now. 

Edit 2: I configured my new camera last night and reconfigured my other one after a reset. So far today, no false alarms. That means it's finally working properly or I'm not get any push notification at all now. Time will tell.

I think it's important to mention that IMO, absolutely no configuration should be done with the app, or the using the "basic settings" (blue page). I configured both cameras using "advanced settings" (orange pages) only. This may make the difference. It lends credo to my assumption that having three different configuration methods just creates conflicts in the settings.

As for my DNR-202L, surprise!, mine is BRAND NEW, however because it's discontinued, no support now. Awesome. Thanks much, DLink.
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Doctor Doom

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Re: Kinda frustrated with these cameras....
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2018, 05:56:22 AM »

With cameras like the DCS-936L, there are different interfaces available to configure and view the camera. The webUI, the mydlink portal, mydlink app. All will allow you to view and make changes however, advanced settings such as motion detection triggered within a schedule should be done in the webUI (orange interface). Making any adjustment to motion afterwards using the app or mydlink portal may alter the setting and change it back to "always". With NVR's such as the DNR-202L, it is possible to set it up that it records only when motion is detected. Best practice is to set your cameras to record always or on schedule and motion as notifications either push or email. With a 2TB drive or larger you should be able to record several days worth of video. If an event occurs you will be able to playback the whole video in continuity. With just motion either on the camera or NVR you may miss critical footage if the motion subject stops in view or is in view too long and the video is cut into multiple files/chunks or worse yet if the sensitivity was set too low and did not trigger/record at all.