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Author Topic: DNS ShareCenter - Moving All HDDs Between Two ShareCenters of the SAME Model  (Read 6794 times)


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This procedure is designed to move all HDDs from one ShareCenter to a new ShareCenter of the same make and model, and may be necessary if an old or defective ShareCenter is replaced with a new ShareCenter of the same make and model.


  • Using a permanent marker, clearly label the HDDs in your original ShareCenter as "left" and "right" (for a two bay ShareCenter) or "Slot-1", "Slot-2", "Slot-3", and "Slot4" (for a four bay ShareCenter) to indicate their original location
  • If the original ShareCenter contains 3TB HDDs, update the new ShareCenter with firmware that supports 3TB HDDs (this step must be completed before moving the HDDs)
  • Power-down both ShareCenters
  • Move the HDDs from the original ShareCenter to the new ShareCenter, making sure to place the HDDs in the same slot number as the original ShareCenter


  • This procedure will not work with two different model ShareCenters
  • This procedure will only work if the Volumes or RAID array(s) in the original ShareCenter are healthy and functional
  • Changing or reversing the HDD order between the two ShareCenters can damage existing RAID arrays
  • Failing to update the firmware on the new ShareCenter to support 3TB HDDs may result in damaging the data on 3TB HDDs moved between two ShareCenters
  • If applicable, consider saving and uploading configuration settings from your original ShareCenter" http: DNS ShareCenter - Configuration Settings File
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