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Author Topic: Am I missing something with the DCS-8600LH-US, or is really this ... limited?  (Read 7212 times)


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Five years ago my wife and I purchased our first mydlink camera and were thrilled to use it as a remote security camera and also as a baby monitor. We bought several, and started checking in on our house remotely, and also watching our kids with them in their cribs, etc. We loved them. I'm also a computer vision researcher and software developer, I started loving the fact I could interact with the cameras over RTSP, etc.

Fast forward to today, and I bought a DCS-8600LH-US. Perhaps I didn't read the advertisements very well, but what I discovered is I basically bought a paperweight when compared to the cameras of the past. I seem unable to connect to it away from home to see a live stream. Watching the network traffic, it seems that it's trying to access the camera's home IP? Does that mean I no longer can use this camera via the app when I'm away? Also -- I have no access to it via the web, or via RTSP, which is extremely disappointing.

I noticed they are trafficking everything over port 443, and so I imagine it wouldn't take much for me to hack the camera and get at what I needed (I've done this before with other devices via man in the middle attack), but I'd rather get what I paid for as opposed to salvaging this unit. Before returning it, am I missing something, or is this camera really this feature-deficient? And if so, where does it say anywhere other than in forums that these features have been removed from the camera?

Likewise, is this the direction D-Link is heading? Is there a camera out there I can use outside that will work for what I need? I want something my wife can access via the mydlink app, remotely, and can be outside, and I can access over the web/RTSP. I feel with this new, weird little app they're using and all they're possibly moving towards a much more locked down solution?

Perhaps I'm missing something. Please educate me.


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I have the same problem accessing the camera via the mobile app.  Couldn't access for 14 days, then had one viewing session and no access since.  I can regain access briefly by turning the power off and on.  Help line was not help and blamed the modem.  I'm concerned that your post is dated Aug 2019 and a moderator hasn't replied to offer assistance.  This is not an isolated problem and Dlink is ignoring it.


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  • Link>What Firmware version is currently loaded? Found on the DCSs web page under status.
  • What region are you located?

What Mfr and model is the main host router?
What wireless modes are you using?
What is the distance between the Camera and the main host router?
How many other wireless devices do you have connected to the main host router?
  • Any 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz cordless house phones or WiFi APs near by that maybe causing interferences?
  • Any other WiFi routers in the area that maybe causing interferences? Link> Use a WiFi Scanner to find out. How many?

I recommend setting a static IP address ON the cameras outside of the main host routers default DHCP IP address pool as a troubleshooting step: 192.168.#.10 and .11  DHCP
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