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Author Topic: DWL-2100AP as Repeater: WPA not available?  (Read 8113 times)


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DWL-2100AP as Repeater: WPA not available?
« on: October 08, 2009, 07:56:44 AM »

We have one DWL-2100AP configured as an Access Point using "WPA-Auto-PSK" authentication (cipher AUTO).

We are trying to configure a second DWL-2100AP as a Repeater, but when the Repeater option is selected, the authentication options are reduced to just "Open System" and "Preselected" (or something like that). Only 2 options are left on the list. Previously, six WPA/WPA2 options were also on this list, but when Repeater is selected, then that authentication list gets immediately reduced to just two options, neither of which is WPA-PSK or WPA-Auto-PSK, or any other WPA/2 related option. If we select either of the available options, all we can do is then select Enabled or Disabled and a hex key of a certain limited length (not long enough for a WPA passphrase). We have tried all available combinations, but it doesn't work as a repeater no matter which of these limited options are selected.

We had previously been using WEP and did have the Access Point configured as WEP and the Repeater configured as WEP, and they worked fine.  Recently we were trying to improve the level of security and were changing things to use WPA, but ran into the above problem.

From what we can tell, if we use WEP then we can use the repeater.  If we use WPA, then we cannot use a repeater.  But we find this difficult to believe (that WPA cannot be used via/through a repeater).

How do we configure the DWL-2100AP as a Repeater in a WPA secured wireless network.



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Re: DWL-2100AP as Repeater: WPA not available?
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2010, 05:25:20 PM »


Here's one from 2009 and NO REPLY!

Sure would be great if someone had a reply to these inquiries on using the wbr-2310 as an AP and how to set it up / configure it?  I have seen a few of these posts with ZERO answers.

Does anyone from D-Link or the moderators read these?  If so, you could either post a reply or a link in the forums to the proper place to ask this question.  If it is already answered, could you tell us where?
It is to the point where I'll copy this post & put it on each inquiry I find so maybe someone will see it & give us some advice on how best to set up the 2310 as an AP.