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Title: WBR-2310 as a DHCP router wired via WAN to a Bridge as a wireless client
Post by: danno on December 26, 2010, 09:33:18 AM
 We have a highpowered commercial router running as a wireless client in bridge mode. It has a static IP assigned at The wbr-2310 is running as a DHCP client and the two are connected via the ethernet port on the bridge and the wired WAN port on the wbr-2310.
 In this configuration we can access the internet, but we cannot address the bridge router. If I move the cable to the wbr-2310 LAN port, I can access the bridge and perform site survey functions, connect the bridge to an access point, but I cannot access the internet. If after connecting the bridge to an AP I move the cable back to the WAN port, I can access the internet but I can no longer access the bridge router via it's IP address.
 Is there some way to forward LAN requests to the WAN port of the wbr-2310 without affecting the internet requests?
 Do I need to put a switch between the bridge and wbr-2310?