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Title: DHCP Reservation
Post by: WarWithVarun on October 06, 2020, 09:10:31 PM
Hi, I live in India. I am trying to make a server and am having issues with port forwarding and DHCP reservation. My router is DIR - 615. Hardware version: T1    Firmware version: 20.07. I can't find documentation on this anywhere. All articles say that go into "Setup" and then "Network Settings" But that doesn't appear for me (As seen in the attachment". I don't know if I have done the port forwarding right. I went into the Virtual server and then filled out the details there. I have no idea if "Port Triggering" has anything to do with this. Any help is appreciated. Image: https://imgur.com/a/CPmA4mB
Title: Re: DHCP Reservation
Post by: FurryNutz on October 26, 2020, 08:24:07 PM
I recommend that you phone contact your regional D-Link support office and ask for help and information regarding this.
Link> Tech Support Contact Information (http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?board=635.0)
We find that chat/phone contact has better immediate results over using email.