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Author Topic: DNS ShareCenter - Moving a ShareCenter to a New Location  (Read 5702 times)


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DNS ShareCenter - Moving a ShareCenter to a New Location
« on: March 03, 2014, 08:44:19 AM »

If you are planning to relocate your ShareCenter to another physical location as part of move to a new residence or business, there are a number of preparatory steps you should take to ensure the safety of your ShareCenter and data.

Avoid Unnecessary Risks

  • Avoid placing your ShareCenter in the custody of movers (professional or otherwise). If your ShareCenter is lost in transit, 100% of your valuable data may also be lost if no backup exists
  • Unless you have liability insurance specifically covering the value of your data, if your ShareCenter or HDDs are damaged by professional movers, you will only be entitled to the cost of replacing physical hardware
  • Shipping/moving a ShareCenter with seated HDDs may increase the likelihood of physical damage to the ShareCenter and HDDs, potentially resulting in lost data and inoperable hardware

Moving Checklist

  • Backup your data prior to the move
  • Power down the ShareCenter and remove the HDDs. Write the ShareCenter slot number (ie, bay number) on each HDD using a magic marker, so you will know where to seat the HDDs once the ShareCenter is moved to the new location
  • If you have the original ShareCenter shipping box (with factory padding/inserts), Place the ShareCenter back in the original packaging during the move. If the original packaging is not available, try to avoid placing the ShareCenter in the custody of the moving company. When you move the ShareCenter, make sure the device is securely padded to minimize the shock of a bumpy ride.
  • Physically carry the HDDs with you to the new location, making sure the HDDs are securely padded and avoid unnecessary bumping to avoid physical damage and stress to the HDD heads
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