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Ethernet backhaul Mesh using non EXO router


I recently moved into a new place and the built in house network access board and ISP fiber access point is on the external side of the house accessed through a secure gate. My current configuration is as follows.

1. ISP modem is outside wired to the fiber access point.
2. PPPOE enabled router (D-Link DIR-853 Router) is in the main living room between 2 ethernet access points.
3. Modem is connected to the router through one of the built in house ethernet ports in the living room to enable internet access.
3. The second port in the living room is also used by the router to return an internet enabled signal back to the external network board room.
4. A 10 port network switch is hooked up to the internet through the returned ethernet wire from the router.
5. 10 Port switch shares internet to the rest of the house through the network access board.

My question is: if I placed the DIR-853 router next to the ISP modem outside in the built in house network access room and disabled Wi-Fi on it and then used its 4 ethernet ports to send internet access to an EXO router (DIR-X5460) in the living room and the remaining 3 ports on the DIR-853 to EXO Mesh range extenders(DRA-1360). basically ethernet backhaul the EXO router and extenders through the old router. Would that work?

Or are the range extenders only able to create a mesh network when connected directly to an EXO router and not a regular internet access point?

I hope that was clear enough. I attached 2 pictures showing my current and planned configuration. TIA


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