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DSP-W110 Login stopped working

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I don't know why, but logging into these directly no longer seem to work.

I go to:, login with Admin/[pin] and I'm prompted with "ERROR"

 - When I view Network activity, I see a POST to `/HNAP1/` for "request" Action, contains username with empty LoginPassword. Returns a user cookie and a Challenge
 - Second `/HNAP1/` call that contains Login Action, username, and encoded password. Returns error "ERROR"

These PINs are right, straight off the back of the devices. Any idea what's going on?

Device Info:

--- Code: ---      <GetDeviceSettingsResult>OK</GetDeviceSettingsResult>
      <ModelDescription>D-Link Socket</ModelDescription>
        <string>Smart Plug</string>

--- End code ---

What browser are you using? Try IE11 or Firefox ESR v52.9.0.

So, after unplugging in the device so I can bring it upstairs to debug it, things have started working ....

Turns out, for some unknown reason, a reboot (of the device) was needed, even though they worked just fine in the app. My own REST calls via Paw (Postman-like), have started working, too!

There was definitely something "buggered" on the devices. I had to boot both of them, and they now work!

May have got in to a bad state is all. Glad they are working now. Enjoy.  ;)

Well, that bad state seems to be happening often.

They died again.... and I have to manually unplug/replug them to put them back into their normal state. :/

PS: these forums aren't emailing me of updates .... hmm.


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