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Can't access most menu items


Hi. First post.
I have a 4802EV  and 4602EV. Both were working fine. Well, the 4802 live video feed always flickered at about 1 Hz. But that is not the problem.
I just found that I cannot access any menu items, other than live video and help on the 4802. All items used to be available. When I select any other item such as setup, etc, the screen switches to the main menu selection items. None work other than Live Video or Help. It seems that the login is also a bit random. I can logout and get the proper response. But then when I go back to the cam link via browser, it does not always display the login screen. It will go directly to live video with no login.

The cams are setup for use with a QNAP NAS with QVR PRO. That all still works fine. I see the feeds on everything, including my cell phone. Get notifications and such. I just wanted to trim the area of motion detection on the 4802. But can't access that now.

Also. Is there one DLink piece of software that will access both cams and their settings at the same time?

Thanks in advance for any tips.


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